10 Practical Ways to Actually Make America Great Again

In a thought-provoking conversation, the various ideas and suggestions put forth by individuals on what they believe would truly make America great again. From challenging the dominance of the 24-hour news cycle to investing in the American people, from breaking up monopolies to improving the education system, these perspectives shed light on the aspirations and concerns of citizens striving for a better future.

1. Breaking the 24-Hour News Cycle

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One person says the constant news cycle that goes on 24 hours daily has worsened journalism. They think this is because media companies compete a lot to get more viewers and make more money. They want news reporting to return to being focused and unbiased to help society.

2. Investing in the American People

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Another person says that making the United States better depends on giving power to its people and making things fair. They think it's important to bring back hard work and good behavior. They imagine a stronger and fairer society where everyone's well-being and opportunities are important.

3. Breaking Up Monopolies and Clearing Out DC

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Someone is worried and wants big companies to be broken up and for there to be less power in Washington, D.C. They want a government that is open and accountable to the people. They say that by spreading the power and having a more decentralized system, the government will better represent what the people want.

4. Separating Religion and Corporate Greed From Government

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Another person thinks that religion and companies trying to make money shouldn't have a big influence on the government and making decisions. They say decisions should be based on facts, science, and what's best for the people. They want the government to be more neutral and fair.

5. Cultivating Humility and Listening

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A commenter who supports everyone getting along better says people should be less proud and more humble when discussing politics. They think it's important to understand other people's opinions, even if you disagree. They believe that if people talk politely and keep an open mind, they can overcome differences and make progress.

6. Corporations' Tax Contribution Decline

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One supporter of this concept points out an interesting fact: firms used to pay a lot more taxes than they do now. If corporations paid more taxes, the government could use the extra funds to improve infrastructure, provide social services, and create jobs. They feel that both the public and the economy will gain from this.

7. Redirecting Taxes Toward Healthcare and Transportation

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Another person lists different things taxes should be used for, like healthcare, public transportation, and better travel methods between states. They think investing in these things would make life better for everyone and make it easier to get around the country.

8. Revamping the Education System

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In order for America to be great, the educational system must alter. Educating the next generation is critical so they can navigate a complex environment. They believe that by focusing on education, the country can improve and make a good future for everyone.

9. Taxing the Rich for Economic Equality

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A proponent of economic justice advocates taxing the wealthy more heavily. They say that if the government implements policies like the New Deal and makes taxation more equitable, the middle class will benefit, and everyone will prosper. They want a society where wealth and resources are distributed more equally.

10. Term Limits and Curbing Special Interest Influence

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Finally, an individual says it is important to limit how long Supreme Court Justices and elected officials can stay in their positions. They don't want things to stay the same for too long or for special interest groups to have too much power through lobbying. They believe that if these changes are made, the government will be more responsive to the needs and wants of the people.

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