“All News Is Political Propaganda” 10 Things That Were ‘Respectable’ And They’re Laughable Now

1. News Anchors Have Lost Their Respect

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Once, news anchors were highly respected figures in the community. They were the people who provided the public with information about current events, and their words were often taken as gospel. However, this user believes that news anchor people are no longer as respected as once and that many people now view them as biased and untrustworthy.

2. The Walking Dead: From Top Show to Life Support

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An individual pointed out that “The Walking Dead” used to be a widely respected television show, but it has since lost its reputation as one of the best. After its fourth season, the show started to decline in popularity and quality, causing many fans to lose interest. Despite being the top-rated show on TV for some time, it is now struggling to keep its audience engaged and invested.

3. Expertise and Facts Are No Longer Respected

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Someone expressed disappointment towards the lack of respect for education, facts, and subject matter experts. The commenter pointed out how people nowadays tend to rely on their confirmation bias and Google searches to believe they are experts in certain fields. They believe that everyone considers themselves experts until they face a reality that proves otherwise. They also mention the Dunning-Kruger effect, which they think has turned education and subject matter expertise into a joke.

4. Flying: From a Dress-Up Event to a Joke

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Transported back in time by a dreamy reverie, a nostalgic observer reminisced about the past glory of air travel, stating that flying used to be a respected activity. Passengers would dress up in their finest clothes, and flight attendants were held in high regard. The commenter also mentioned that the food served on flights was pretty good. However, they implied that the current state of air travel is not as impressive.

5. Education System No Longer Respected

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A person associated with the education department expresses sadness about the lack of respect for educators in the current times. They mention that although being a teacher still sounds respectable, the actual work has become a joke. They point out that children can do whatever they want, and teachers cannot discipline them. Moreover, school politics often prevent positive change, and parents tend to blame the teachers for any issues.

6. The Evolution of the Word “Nimrod”

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“Nimrod” used to be associated with a great hunter in ancient Rome, but now it is considered a joke due to its sarcastic usage. The name's current meaning is “fool or incompetent” because Bugs Bunny used the term sarcastically to describe Elmer Fudd, and the audience didn't catch the sarcasm or reference, leading to its common usage as an insult.

7. Loyalty to a Job Is No Longer Respected

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Staying at a job out of loyalty is something that used to be respected but is now a complete joke. People used to stay with the same job for their whole careers, but nowadays, job-hopping is increasingly widespread. Employees that stay in one location for a long time are less likely to be recognized for their devotion and dedication to the organization, and they may even be perceived as stagnant in their career growth. This shift in mentality has made staying at a job out of loyalty less respected than it once was.

8. Celebrity Culture Has Lost Its Appeal

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In a world evolving at warp speed, the notion of celebrity has undergone a dramatic transformation, leaving behind a trail of dwindling reverence. A wise observer wrote that the very idea of celebrity is no longer respected as much as it used to be. They also added that most celebrities are not respected like they used to be.

9. Healthcare Is No Longer Respected

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Healthcare is something that used to command respect, but now it has become a complete joke. The user has been in the industry for 20 years and has seen significant changes in the field. Healthcare has become more corporate in the USA over time, and it has lost its integrity and purpose of serving the people. The user seems to be frustrated with the current state of the healthcare industry.

10. Content Creation: From Genuine To Trendy

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Previously, content creators were respected on platforms like YouTube, but that's no longer true. The commenter wrote about a time when people shared ideas and humor just for fun. They recalled chatting with friends about the latest Smosh video or Episode after school. However, nowadays, everyone with a smartphone can call themselves a content creator, despite the quality of their “content.” The user lamented that algorithmic garbage is all too prevalent, and people seem to be more interested in getting paid for the bare minimum than creating quality content.

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