“All Women Are Selfish” 10 Womanly Insecurities Men Seem To Not Care About

Women can be insecure about multiple things, whether stretch marks, weight, skin imperfections, etc. Often times women try to cover these “imperfections,” but men could care less about them.

1. Menstruation

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Women tend to shy around this topic when men are around. They get embarrassed if their monthly visitor strikes at a time when a woman is not prepared. But not all men care.

One man says, “I genuinely don't care if you happen to get your period around me. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I'll change the sheets and go back to bed, and you can wear one of my pants while I wash yours. It's 100% natural. Any man who freaks out about periods has the mindset of a 13-year-old.”

2. Repeating Outfits

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Some women have a closet full of clothes. They wear different outfits every day and sometimes even change throughout the day. But why do they have some many clothes? Is it because they fear men will see them repeat outfits?

One woman answers, “I would be surprised if men actually cared about this considering they tend to wear the same three shirts and two pairs of pants.” So it makes more sense that women dress up for other women.

Women tend to compare themselves against each other constantly. This is because they know other women will notice if they wear the same outfit repeatedly.

3. Wearing Makeup

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One man told the story of his ex, who would put on makeup, even in the late evening hours, to go through a drive-thru. Women have been conditioned to think if they are leaving the house, they must “get ready” with makeup, dressing up, etc.

One woman says, “Yeah, the thing I hate most about being female is this societal idea that being attractive is the most important thing you can offer the world. I don't care if I look good at a drive-thru, but I can see why ladies do.”

4. Scars

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Men boast about their scars and show them off. But women tend to hide them and are embarrassed by them. One woman writes, “I have a gnarly scar on my neck that's always on display. I try not to be self-conscious about it, but it can be difficult.”

But scars are a part of life, and they tell part of a person's story without defining who they are as a person. One man says, “Something about scars is very humanizing to me. It makes it impossible to forget that you're looking at someone who had a past, whose experiences have shaped.”

5. Shaved Legs

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Women shave their legs, armpits, face, etc. One woman says, “I don't really feel attractive when I have leg stubble.” But it's hard to say if men care, a little leg stubble or full harry legs. Most men do have a preference but prefer a woman to be themselves, regardless.

One man shares his opinion, “To me, it's a sign that she's comfortable around me and not feeling pressure to be “perfect” I suppose. It's also something that can not exactly throw me off if I start being physical with someone who doesn't care from day one, but it is something I've noticed.”

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6. Eating in Front of People

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A woman's insecurity about how she looks eating in front of people goes beyond basic table manners. Many women are afraid to be seen as overeating, eating too fast, etc. One woman shares, “I monstrously eat chicken wings, and I can't imagine eating them in front of someone like I eat them when I'm by myself.”

Another woman says, “That's why I always ask to get BBQ and order ribs within the first five dates with someone new. So I could get BBQ sauce all over my face and not care and see the guy's reaction. So many have been surprised, like, wow, I've never seen a girl make so much of a mess and not care.”

7. Stretch Marks

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Stretch marks are a part of life. Women and men alike get them from growing, gaining weight, or pregnancy. But for a woman, stretch marks become something they hide from embarrassment about how they make their bodies look.

One woman shares, “I remember being 15 and terrified about them. I'm now married, and my husband and I have an equal amount of stretch marks from puberty. So it's not a women's issue even though it gets treated like such.”

8. Being Emotional

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Many women think being one of the guys is the way to go. As a result, they often have emotional moments and later apologize for their breakdown. Women, you must understand that most guys repress and hide their emotions almost constantly, and dealing with your honest emotions, although taxing, are also necessary for helping us bring some of our own emotions to the surface.”

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One man confessed, “If we get close and comfortable with you, we will tell you things we've likely never told another living soul for no other reason than because we draw from that emotional energy and can feel safe within it. So you open up to us, and we open up to you.”

9. Pores

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One man says, “what is women's obsession with their pores?! I don't think I've ever looked at a woman and been like; she'd be so hot if it weren't for those pores.” Women have creams, facial scrubs, etc., to try and minimize their pores.

But why? Honestly, do women even notice other women's pores? Men don't seem to notice, so somewhere, someone said something about pores, and women panicked.

10. Eyebrows

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“Honestly, we don't care about your eyebrows! Stop waxing them off to draw them back on.” Confirms one user. Not long ago, thin eyebrows were the trend. So women of all ages waxed them super thin. Then one influencer decided she didn't want thin eyebrows and let hers grow.

Now the trend is super thick eyebrows. But not just thick, thick, and shapely groomed. If we let our eyebrows grow wild, they wouldn't be nicely shaped. So women wax their brows down to a shape they prefer, then draw them thicker. One man says, “I have no idea why you would erase them off just to draw them on. It's silly.”

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