Amber Heard Caught \”Shopping\” at TJ Maxx, Twitter Reacts

Amber Heard is in such dire straits after her $8.3 million judgment that she has begun shopping at clothing stores many “normal” people visit. TMZ “spotted” Heard shopping with her sister at TJ Maxx on Thursday afternoon. Some believe she is actually shopping for clothing while others believe this to be an elaborate PR stunt by Heard.

Here's how Twitter has reacted.

One user was unhappy with Heard and claimed this may be a PR stunt.

Another user defended Heard saying “[Heard] doing something as innocuous as shopping at TJ Maxx is a ‘publicity stunt…?'”

Mortitia opined “she was caught on private jet last week…”

And lastly, another Twitter user said “Amber Heard thinks we're all incredibly stupid.”

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Heard owes Johnny Depp a lot of money at this point yet it uncertain whether he will force her to pay or not. The real question is: do you think Amber Heard is sincere in shopping at TJ Maxx or is she using this as a PR stunt?

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