15 States Where Residents Are Considered Snobby

Many states of the United States are ranked as snobbiest. Here are the states in which residents rank on an online platform.

1. Massachusetts

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Massachusetts is a diverse state in culture and language. The education system is high and classical. World famous University, Harvard University, is present in this state. This state rank in the top literacy rate states in the United States. Thus this state is the snobbiest nature in its environment.

2. Vermont

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The snob nature of people comes from the high literacy rate, sophisticated manners, and lavish lifestyle. Vermont state is offering all. Twenty-nine (29%) of residents of this state are highly educated. This state ranked as the third largest state to have wine drinkers. An average adult consumes 26 bottles of wine per year.

3. Connecticut

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Connecticut has a lot of things to feel proud of. The famous Yale University of Connecticut is the glory of this state. A lot of important and famous universities are present there. Out of the total population, 38% of people are bachelors educated.

4. New York

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New York is known as the big apple. This city is famous not only in the United States but worldwide. It is famous for its advanced life and educated people. This state is the homeland of two major universities; Columbia and Cornell University. In addition to this, two Ivy League schools are present there. The average person consumes approximately 16 bottles of vine per year. 

5. New Hampshire

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New Hampshire is entitled to be proud of its Dartmouth College Ivy League. 36% of its residents hold a bachelor's degree. It is also known as granite state, and the average adult person intake nearly 28 bottles of wine per year.

6. Rhode Island

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The literacy rate ( 33% out of the total population) is also high in Rhode Island. That is why the snobbiest touch is found in the people of Rhode Island. The urban areas of Rhode Island are extended and advanced. That is why this state is known as one of the snobbiest states in the United States.

7. California

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California is also known as the homeland of art and craft. Californians are known as a well-educated community, with 26% of people having high education. Thus, they feel distinct themselves from the people of other states.

8. Oregon

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The Snobbishness of Oregon is also famous and ranks just after California. 28% people of Oregon are considered humanitarian graduates. The people of Oregon feel proud of their beautiful state and their educated status. 

9. Maine

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One other snoot state from the United States is Maine. This state holds the title of an educated society. And the people drink only 14 bottles of wine per year. Thus they do not consider other people that much worthy in front of them.

10. Virginia

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Virginia is the 10th most snobby state in the United States. It has many things to do so. The fast-paced life, the educated status, the rate of jobs people, and the business success in Virginia are enough to make its people snobby.

11. Washington

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Washington is present in the west of the United States. This state ranked 11th on the list of snobbiest states. The remarkable income, the best home facilities, the cinema theatres, and the high food markets and stores make this state pretentious.

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12. New Jersey

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The famous Princeton University is present in New Jersey. And this factor is enough to make the citizens to be snobby. As it ranked 12th state, the situation is not worse, but still, some people show high and might in front of people from other states.

13. Maryland

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The state that has a high percentage of students holding a sixteen-year education is Maryland. As compared to the states mentioned above, Maryland has less rate of wine consumption, which is 12 bottles per year.

14. Illinois

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Illinois is known as a snobby state based on its glory things. This state is a blend of natural spots and urban miracles. The majority of residents are highly educated people. 

15. Hawaii

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Hawaii is a famous state in the United States. This state is enriched with sophisticated and educated people. People drink 18 bottles per year. And this state is snobbiest more than expected.

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