eft vs mutual fund

ETF vs Mutual Fund: What’s the Difference?

In this new day of age, the ETF is the latest rage. The mutual fund used to be the go-to for individual investors as they sought ways to have more diverse allocations. The ETF is leading the charge with innovation, …

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ways to lower your tax bill

9 Ways to Lower Your Tax Bill

Taxes can be a nuisance—and many people would prefer to pay as little tax as possible. While it’s not likely you can entirely avoid paying taxes, there are ways to use the tax code to your advantage, and a number …

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keep cryptocurrency safe

12 Ways to Keep Cryptocurrency Safe from Hackers

A concern for many people new to digital assets is how to keep cryptocurrency safe from hackers. It’s a valid concern.  Cryptocurrency was built on the idea of decentralization and self-reliance. This means it’s up to you to protect your …

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