Baby Fever or Baby Blues? Is the Desire for Kids on the Decline

The parenthood phase is quite challenging and daunting, which requires patience, steadfastness, and perseverance. However, usually, most parents are in favor of having kids, and some are not. So, let's find out whether the desire for kids is on the decline by addressing certain factors.

1. History Vs Present

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By comparing ancient and modern times, there seems to be a visible difference in having kids. Someone has shared that in the past, baby fever was high because it is the default natural law. Only the ones who have any infertility problems generally do not have kids. Today, childbirth is under control because of birth control pills, which result in declination of kids.

2. Rising Inflation

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Inflation may be one of the considering factors in having kids or not. A person adds the viewpoint regarding the rising inflation. According to him, the expenses of kids are becoming huge and outrageous day by day. It becomes even more difficult to afford their basic expenditures. That's why baby blues are getting substantial, which leads to a decline in having kids.

3. Controlling population

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We know that the world is getting populated with increasing time. An individual comments that due to the increase in population, there are higher chances of crime rates, malnutrition, health complications, family stress, pollution, and political turmoil. In order to reduce these emerging factors, many governments have ordered reduced childbirth to tackle such problems. This is one of the reasons for the declining birth rate.

4. Career

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Career may be one of the evolving causes for an increase in baby blues. A mother shared that after having a baby, she is in a state of irritability, anxiety, and stress. Also, she feels that her career is in a precarious situation as she is not able to focus and give time to accomplish her dreams. Hence, she has decided not to have more kids as she wants to focus and build up her career.

5. Pregnancy Complications

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While having kids, women had to encounter certain complications that seem like a nightmare. A commenter expressed that she shuddered while thinking about her pregnancy period. During her course, she felt like a parasite was draining nutrients from her body. Along with that, she has experienced severe pain, and she went through a horrendously painful process during delivery. She has decided to have no more babies.

6. Bad Parenting

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Some people are having anger issues that will directly impact their parenthood. Somebody claimed that he has angry instincts with no control over himself. If someone pissed him, he is going to slap him to wake them up of their stupidity. He shared that once, he had to take care of her sister's children. He really got depressed and impatient while looking after them. Hence, he has opted not to have kids.

7. Genetic Diseases

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Genetically inherited diseases can pass from generation to generation. A person exclaimed that he has a family history of genetically inherited diseases. The diseases are obesity, hemophilia, kidney cancer, depression, anxiety, and suicidal tendencies. He doesn't want to pass on these diseases to the next generation. That's why he made up his mind not to risk anybody's life.

8. Difficult Guarding of Kids

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Taking care of your child might be very tricky and perplexing. One of the parents has described that it is quite difficult for her to take care of and look after her growing child. She found it very challenging to manage childcare and her work. She had to endure his cries, babysit his necessities, and clean his waste. She found it very intricate and problematic. Hence, child caring may be the possible reason for not having kids.

9. Health Priorities

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Prioritizing health might account for having no kids. As for better survival, health and fitness are mandatory. A female has acknowledged her decision not to have kids. According to her, she doesn't want to encounter any health-related issues by getting pregnant that lead to anything serious. Hence, she has preferred health and wellness over childbirth.

10. Lifestyle

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Everyone has a different lifestyle than others. Some people are indulged in jobs that are quite risky, and their own life is in between the two fires. Such people usually prefer to live alone. A secret agent has shared that his job is like playing with a fire. He is surrounded by huge enemies, and he is always ready for his last breath. So, he doesn't want to risk the lives of his loved ones. That's why he preferred not to expand his family.

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