One Bad Apple: 10 TV Shows That Were Spoiled By One Terrible Character

Television shows often become classics, but even the best shows can be ruined with just one character. Fans can become attached to their favorite characters, and when they are replaced or introduced poorly, it can significantly impact the show's success.

Recently, people gathered and shared several TV shows ruined by just one character on an online platform.

1. The Fairly Odd Parents (2001)

Image Credit: Nickelodeon.

Amidst discussions on Fairly Odd Parents, the inaugural user shares their perspective on Chloe's persona in the animated series. The character was introduced in later seasons as a replacement for the original main character's best friend. Some viewers felt the character did not add anything positive to the show. The user suggested that Chloe's presence on the show was enough to ruin it for them.

2. Married … with Children (1987)

Image Credit: Sony.

Commenting on Married with Children, the second individual highlights how Seven's character proved detrimental to the show's overall appeal. This character was introduced in the show's later seasons as a young boy who was a relative of the Bundy family. After this addition, the user felt the show had lost its charm and humor and started going downhill.

3. Dexter (2006)

Image Credit: Showtime.

Did you catch Dexter? One fan spoke out about Masuka's daughter, calling her a pointless addition. They clarified that other characters were considered worse, but the daughter had no impact on the show. In contrast, other characters, like the police officer who was going for sergeant, created tension in the department, which added to the overall plot and experience of the show. The user felt that the daughter's presence added nothing to the show and therefore felt that the character was a detriment.

4. Californication (2007)

Image Credit: Showtime.

An individual strongly contends that introducing Hank's estranged son in Californication was a turning point that jeopardized both the show's essence and the protagonist's character. The addition of the son took the focus away from Hank's self-destructive nature and detracted from the show's exploration of themes like love, loss, and addiction. This development shifted the show's tone and made the viewers disengage from the main character's narrative.

5. Coupling (2000)

Image Credit: Hartswood Films.

One dissatisfied viewer voiced their discontent regarding the British sitcom, Coupling, expressing that it had been a hilarious show they had ever seen up until the third season. Alas, when the fourth season arrived, they made the regrettable decision to replace the beloved character Jeff with an alternative. As a result, the program's quality plummeted, leaving the viewer feeling bitterly let down.

6. Pinky and the Brain (1995)

Image Credit: Warner Bros. Animation.

Expressing their regret, an individual lamented the inclusion of Elmyra in Pinky and the Brain, attributing the decision to network executives and asserting that it significantly impacted the show's quality. The user noted that even the show's theme song acknowledges the change, with the lyrics, So Pinky and the Brain, they share a new domain, it's what the network wants, why bother to complain?”

7. Glee (2009)

Image Credit: Fox.

Uh-oh, the Glee club kids' replacements might not have been such a hit. One commenter on the thread even claimed that it ruined the show for them! The show originally focused on a high school glee club and their struggles to compete in competitions while dealing with personal issues. However, in later seasons, the show took a different direction, and the original cast members were gradually phased out in favor of new characters. This decision was criticized by many viewers who believed that the new characters lacked the charm and depth of the original cast.

8. The Simpsons (1989)

Image Credit: 20th Television.

The Simpsons, the timeless animated sitcom that has been entertaining us for over three decades, has sparked a heated discussion among fans. A viewer on the thread expressed dissatisfaction with Roy's character, stating that his presence on the show was underwhelming and didn't add much to the series. Others agreed that he could have met the show's high standards.

9. Gilmore Girls (2000)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

April's arrival at Gilmore Girls didn't sit well with everyone; one person shared their disappointment. They acknowledged that the writers may have needed an obstacle but felt that making her a love child was too much of a contrivance. The user clarified that they did not dislike the character of April but rather how she was utilized as a plot device.

10. Angel (1999)

Image Credit: Warner Bros.

Let's talk about Angel! The final user specifically mentions Vincent Kartheiser's portrayal of the character Connor. The character was introduced in season 3 as the long-lost son of the titular character Angel. While initially a beloved addition to the show, Connor's storyline took a dark turn in season 4 and continued to divide fans until the show's cancellation. The character's brooding, angst-ridden personality and penchant for making questionable decisions led many viewers to find him annoying and frustrating. What did you think of his performance? Did you love him or hate him?

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