Dating Don’ts: The 10 Jerk Moves You Should Steer Clear of

We frequently encounter different people in our life who display jerk behavior. From acts of betrayal to selfishness and apathy for others, these actions have a lasting impact on those affected. People on an online platform shared personal stories biggest jerk actions that they witnessed.

1. Shattered Gift: A Father's Masterpiece Destroyed

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The first commenter shares a heartbreaking story of their dad making a beautiful rocking horse for their niece, only to have it destroyed by the niece's father out of laziness. The father had put in tremendous effort, carving the horse, braiding the tail and mane, and hand-painting it. The toy held sentimental value and was meant to be cherished for generations. However, the kid's father callously smashed it and threw it into the fire.

2. Inheritance Insult: Debt and Disrespect

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Someone recounts a distressing incident where their aunt collected significant credit card debt. Unable to declare bankruptcy due to the potential repercussions on her husband's job, she resorted to manipulating their grandmother. She demanded their grandmother change her will to cover the debt, calling her “ignorant and uneducated” when she refused. The insensitivity of such a request, combined with the grandmother's painful past as a survivor of Auschwitz, amplified the cruelty of the aunt's actions.

3. Pre-Scratched Disappointment: A Birthday Betrayal

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A savvy user shared a disappointing moment from their friend's birthday party. The friend's grandmother sent them 10 scratch-off lottery tickets, but the joy quickly turned to disappointment when they discovered that all the tickets had been pre-scratched and were worthless. The grandmother had checked them beforehand to ensure that none had a significant payout. The user witnessed the friend's severe reaction as their excitement was crushed by the realization that the gift had been rendered meaningless. It was a thoughtless and selfish act, undermining the spirit of generosity and celebration that should accompany a birthday.

4. Lost Ashes: A Heartless Act in a Time of Grief

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According to a commenter, they recount a deeply painful experience their co-worker had gone through. The co-worker had lost their son at a young age, and they had chosen to cremate him and keep his ashes in a vase at home. However, during a difficult breakup with their ex-spouse, the co-worker returned home to find the ashes missing. Five years later, the co-worker still does not know their whereabouts, suspecting that their ex-spouse had callously discarded them. This brutal act added immense pain to an already devastating loss, depriving the co-worker of a precious remnant of their child's memory.

5. Worthless Check: A Sibling's Betrayal of Trust

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Another voice chimed in, sharing their sister borrowed a significant amount of money from their retired mother. Despite promising to repay the loan, the sister never made a single payment. When the family attempted to collect the money owed, the sister sent a check for $0.00 with a condescending message on the bottom, telling their mother to “get a job.” This callous disregard for their mother's financial well-being and the sister's lack of remorse highlights a profound lack of empathy and responsibility.

6. Betrayed on Birthdays: A Father's Selfish Choices

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This poor soul shares a painful experience. Their father made a series of hurtful intentions. At the commenter's birthday event, their father asked for a divorce, taking everything they owned in their home. The father then started dating a younger girl, worsening the pain of the situation. Additionally, the user had taken out a substantial loan to refurnish a house they were renting with their mother, only for their father to decamp with the loaned money, leaving them in financial ruin and responsible for caring for their younger sibling. The father's selfish actions caused the family immense emotional and financial distress, leaving the user feeling betrayed and abandoned.

7. Broken Wedding Promises: The Gift That Never Came

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Someone witnessed a situation where the bride's family vandalized their best friend's wedding plans. Despite promising to pay for the wedding within reasonable limits, the bride's family selfishly spent the allocated funds on a lavish vacation without informing the couple. Then they had to postpone the wedding due to the lack of money. When the big day finally arrived, the bride's family offered a mere $150 and an IOU in a card, indicating that they owed the couple a better gift. This deceitful and thoughtless behavior completely disregards the couple's emotional well-being and financial stability.

8. Deceptive Car Deal: A Father's Unkept Promise

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Here is a distressing memory from a person's teenage years. They had arranged to buy their father's car, an '82 Omega. They diligently worked at a low-paying job, saving $100 monthly for five months until they paid off the car. However, when they expected to receive the car's title and register it, their father refused to hand it over and sold it to someone else for a higher price. The commenter was left without a car and $500 out of pocket, as their father never returned the money. This act of betrayal and dishonesty shattered their trust and left them feeling deceived and cheated.

9. Stolen Mementos: A Sister's Heartless Act

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Another painful voice shared a deeply hurtful incident involving their step-sister during their father's final moments in the hospital. Despite not seeing their father for years, their sister, struggling with addiction, took advantage of the situation. She stole the only valuable items in their father's possession: an iPod that the commenter had personally purchased and filled with their father's favorite songs and a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses that the user had gifted their father for Father's Day.

10. Gift Thief: Ex-wife's Christmas Betrayal

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A heart-wrenching experience of catching their ex-wife cheating just two days before Christmas is shared by a broken soul. Choosing to leave his ex-wife and take their three children with him, he faced a challenging holiday season. Despite having very little to give, the user and his children made the most of the situation, finding joy in opening the only single gift the user could afford.

However, when the ex-wife picked up the children later that day, she presented them with the gifts the user had prepared, giving the impression that they were from her. This cruel act overshadowed the commenter's efforts and left them feeling overshadowed and overlooked on a day meant for celebration and love.

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