“Being A Jerk Is Not Attractive” Women Wrongly Think These 10 Things Are Hot, But They’re Not

1. Rude Behavior on a Date: Not Attractive

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Have you ever been on a date with someone who treats waiters or other staff members rudely or patronizingly? One individual recently shared their thoughts on this type of behavior, stating that it only gives off an air of entitlement and unpleasantness. They suggest that kindness and consideration are much more attractive traits in a partner.

2. Quirky Persona: Not as Attractive as You Think

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It's a common trope in movies and TV shows – the “quirky girl” who is unconventional, adorable, and impulsive. However, one person recently observed that men don't find this persona as attractive as some women might think. In fact, they propose that trying to emulate this persona in real life could come off as insincere or forced.

3. Phone Usage on a Date: An Unattractive Gesture

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We all know that person who can't seem to put down their phone, even during a date. But a user shared that this behavior is unattractive and can imply disinterest or a lack of engagement in the conversation. They suggest that turning off your phone and giving your undivided attention to your partner is a small but important gesture.

4. Nike Swoosh Eyebrow Trend: Not Attractive for Men

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What do you think of the Nike swoosh eyebrow trend? According to one commentator, men do not find this trend attractive at all. They suggest that shaving off natural eyebrows and replacing them with a thick swoosh only worsens things and does not enhance anyone's attractiveness.

5. Aggression Is Unattractive: A Personal Experience

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While some people might think that being aggressive or rude is attractive, someone recently shared their experience of realizing that it's actually the opposite. Their former girlfriend believed that being aggressive was part of her charm, but this user found it unattractive and off-putting. As it turns out, being overly aggressive is anything but cute.

6. Self-Obsessed Selfies: A Big No

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A commenter has pointed out that constantly posting duck face selfies on Snapchat may not be as alluring as one might think. In fact, it can come across as self-obsessed and selfish, with the same pose being flaunted repeatedly throughout the day. While it's great to love oneself, it's important not to overdo it and turn people away.

7. Putting a Man Before Your Children: A Major Turn-Off

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Some women might think that putting their man before their own children is desirable, but according to one user, it's a major turn-off. Prioritizing your children's needs is crucial, as neglecting them for a man can make them feel unimportant and overlooked. Any man who truly cares for a woman will understand and respect her responsibilities as a mother.

8. Overdone Eye Makeup: A Mood Killer

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According to one male commentator, men often find raccoon eyes resulting from overdone eye makeup to be a major turn-off. While a little bit of mascara can be alluring, going overboard and ending up looking like a “trash panda” is a major mood killer. So, ladies, go easy on the eyeliner to keep things attractive.

9. Silver Snot Piercing: Not the Most Attractive Look

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It might be surprising to some women, but according to one user, a piercing that looks like a silver snot hanging from your nose isn't always the most attractive look. While piercings can be alluring, many often see this style as unappealing. So, if you want to keep things attractive, consider a different type of piercing.

10. Excessive Makeup: A Turn-Off for Many

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Wearing excessive amounts of makeup is not attractive, according to one user. While a touch of makeup can be alluring, it becomes unattractive if overdone. If someone can easily tell that a lot of makeup is being worn, it's likely to be a turn-off. So, stick to a more natural look if you want to keep things attractive.

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