10 Times Advice Missed the Mark

Sometimes ignorance is not bliss! Have you ever heard someone saying such a thing that you are just like… what? We have assembled some jaw-dropping moments by the respondents that show how much people can get out of touch with reality.

1. A Government Official's Advice

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Storms, when hefty, can cause serious complications. A commentator exclaimed that when a big storm was approaching his area, somewhere in England, a politician advised the homeowners to clear the storm's path, leave their houses, and be safe in their second or third homes. How could someone be this oblivious to the people's situation that not everyone can own several houses?

2. Grandparents Take On Building Character

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Grandparents from a different generation often give jaw-dropping takes on literally anything. A respondent recounted that when his nephew was only 18 years old and got his first job as a part-time dishwasher, his grandparents kicked him out of the house, saying that this would help him grow in his career! They were ignorant that times have changed and only the rent prices could now cost an arm and leg. With no remorse, the grandparents gave 30 days ultimatum.

3. A Heiress's Take on Mortgage

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Americans know how difficult it is to keep up with mortgages with every passing day. A contributor recounted that when he went to an Ivy League College, many children were from wealthy backgrounds. One day, his professor briefly mentioned how hard it is for Americans to keep up with mortgages; a girl intervened and asked the professor why they don't just buy the house in cash and be safe from the hassle of growing interest! Everyone was dumbfounded. Later, he discovered she was a heiress of a renowned brand.

4. A Barber's Talk With a Privileged

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Not everyone can afford a decent living, let alone a fun trip! A hard-working barber shared his story when once a man came to him for a decent haircut. In a sorrowful tone, the man discussed how the economy was terrible, and he just managed to have a single 3-week vacation to Europe this year. He then asked the barber where he had gone for a break, and the barber said that he hadn't been on one for ten years. The man replied, confusedly, not to eat out for a month, save up, and go for a vacation. If only he knew that the barber seldom ate out.

5. Celebrities Singing Imagine During COVID

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Covid-19 hit everyone differently. Some lost their jobs, while others lost their loved ones. Amid the crises, celebrities were found to follow the trend of singing a song titled “Imagine.” The lyrics were “We're all in this together”. Many commenters found it out of touch as the celebrities needed to learn what the general public was going through. A respondent remarked that we are in the same storm, but the celebrities are in their yachts while the public is in row boats!

6. People's Understanding of Depression

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Depression and mental health have always been taboo topics, which is why people have no clear understanding of them. An individual shared her disappointment that when she opened up about her clinical depression to her aunt, she instructed her to release all the negativity and be thankful for all the blessings, stay positive, and feel happy. It is so sad that in today's fast-paced world, people do not accept depression as a medical condition.

7. People Declining COVID Reality

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When covid came out, people did not take it seriously. An individual exclaimed that his entire family thought that COVID was not real and it was some political propaganda against some countries. Another respondent added that a family in their neighborhood believed the same and did not proceed with its vaccination. Later, their dad was hospitalized and died because of covid.

8. A Coworker's Thoughts About Library

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Although fewer people go to the library in this contemporary era, it is still a thing! An employee of a company shared his jaw-dropping moment when he told a coworker that he was going to the library after work. She asked hilariously how old he was to go for a children's place. The young woman genuinely thought that libraries were for children only. Another commenter added that he, too, knows people who thought going to the library was a kid activity.

9. Old People Regarding Inflation

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Older generations usually do not have any idea what the current generation goes through. Times have changed, and the things we must deal with have also upscaled. An individual shared that when he told her grandmother about the amount he pays for apartment rent, she was appalled and said she had a 6-bedroom apartment with $500 rent when she was his age. Inflation is an out-of-touch thing for the older generations.

10. Vaccines Cause Autism

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There are many astounding misconceptions regarding vaccinations of babies. A doctor shared that every time someone makes a nonsensical remark regarding vaccinations, he gets dumbfounded every time! He elaborated that once a couple came to his clinic who was adamant not to get any vaccinations for their kids as the vaccines could make their babies autistic. Do people not know up till now that autism is a developmental disorder?

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