10 Boomer Pieces of Advice That Actually Work, No More “Back in My Day” Nonsense

At time Boomers have some good pieces of advice for the young folks. Here are 10 pieces that others have heeded to a positive result.

1. Sometimes People Suck

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A wise old sage once gave an enlightening piece of advice that completely changed their outlook on life. The sage told them, “Sometimes people just suck.” Initially taken aback by the blunt statement, the wisdom behind it eventually sank in. The sage helped them understand that they couldn't control how others behaved, but they could control how they responded to it. This insight led to a decrease in anger and overall happiness, even reducing their road rage.

2. Fail Quickly

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Have you ever felt stuck in a situation that wasn't fulfilling? A savvy guru once shared their secret to success – fail quickly. Instead of wasting time on things that didn't work, they learned to pivot and try something new. This mindset allowed them to quit their unfulfilling job and start their own business, ultimately achieving their goals. By embracing the idea of failing fast, we can move forward and achieve our own dreams.

3. Do It Scared

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Anxiety can be crippling, but one courageous warrior found a way to push through it. Their piece of advice? “Do it scared” This may sound counterintuitive, but by facing their fears head-on, they could build confidence and accomplish tasks they once thought impossible. This mantra can help us overcome our own anxieties and fears, pushing us toward success.

4. Don't Beat Yourself up Forever

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We've all made mistakes, but what if we could move past them more quickly? One wise sage found inspiration in an unlikely source – Homer Simpson from “The Simpsons.” The advice? Don't beat yourself up forever over a mistake; rather, beat yourself up once and move on. This approach allows them to let go of their mistakes and focus on growth and improvement. Sometimes, the simplest advice can be the most effective.

5. Go Back to Basics

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Life can be overwhelming sometimes, but one brilliant strategist found solace in their mother's advice – go back to basics. During difficult times, they simplified things and focused on the fundamental necessities of life. This approach reduced their stress and helped bring clarity to difficult situations. It may seem counterintuitive to strip things down to the basics, but sometimes the simplest things can bring the most peace.

6. Wait 24 Hours

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Have you ever regretted a purchase you made on impulse? A savvy strategist on the platform shared their game-changing advice – wait 24 hours before purchasing. They exercise self-control and save money by giving themselves time to think it over. The best part? They often find that their desire for the item fades over time, meaning more money in their pocket. This simple but effective approach could revolutionize your spending habits.

7. Leave the Recipient Field Until Last

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Writing emails can be a minefield, but an experienced user shared an unconventional technique that has worked wonders for them. They suggest leaving the recipient field until the end. This approach helps them stay focused on the message and avoid getting sidetracked by the recipient's name. Once the email is drafted, they add the recipient and double-check everything before sending. Try this trick for yourself and see how it improves your email communication.

8. It's How You Make Them Feel

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Our words can have a lasting impact on others, and one wise sage shared a piece of advice that underscores this idea. They learned that people may not recall what we said but will always remember how we made them feel. This advice inspired them to be more mindful of their words and actions and to treat others with kindness and empathy. They believe their relationships have flourished by prioritizing emotional connection over factual precision.

9. No One Thinks About You as Much as You Do

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Fear of failure can be paralyzing, but a seasoned community member shared a liberating revelation that helped them overcome it. They learned that “you are your own biggest critic.” This insight allowed them to pursue their goals without worrying about others' opinions or judgments. By reframing their perspective, they overcame their fear of failure and took meaningful steps toward success.

10. Jazz Hands for Wasps

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Wasps can be intimidating, but one intrepid adventurer shared an unusual trick for dealing with them – do jazz hands! While it may seem eccentric, they swear by this strategy. They claim that the wasps will fly away by making quick movements with their hands. While there may not be a scientific explanation for this tactic, it could be a helpful technique for those who are wary of wasps. Who knew that jazz hands could be so useful?

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