Boomers Know Best? 10 Quotes Too Real to Ignore

Sometimes, particular advice or sentences remain in memory for years. For instance, some people remember every inch of their grandparents' particular advice. Certain words could influence people for years. Some people have shared such quotes online. Let's explore how people got stuck with a specific quote.

1. Don't Let One Criticize, Whose Advice You Won't Accept

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People who want to change the lives of everyone they know are problematic. A painter didn't let his competitor criticize his art as he knew the truth. His competitor had miserable taste in painting, and this guy never liked his work. So, he didn't let him criticize him, too, as his advice wouldn't be meaningful to him. He then shared that his late father never accepted criticism from those whose real life was a nightmare.

2. Paper Doesn't Refuse Ink

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A grandfather was sharing his thoughts about a news article at a family gathering. Her granddaughter was stuck on a sentence when he said every writer doesn't have truth in writing. It simply meant that anyone who can write isn't a great writer, or he doesn't need to write the truth as paper doesn't refuse ink. She remembered these lines while she had completed her degree and moved to a new city for an internship.

3. Nobody Thinks About You as Much as You Do

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People pleasing and obsessing about how everyone would think of me doesn't bring any good. A woman felt less painful about her breakup when she heard her mother say that no one has as much time to think about someone's personality. No one puts effort into thinking about everybody they know unnecessarily.

4. Don't Set Yourself on Fire for Keeping Others Warm

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It was a quote from a young girl's teacher that stayed in her memory for years. She felt more calm when she refused to make others happy just to make things easier, even when she wasn't happy. She also asked her friends to stop pleasing everyone as it can't make any difference in the long term. Bearing pain to make others happy is the worst.

5. If Somebody Doesn't Heal From What Hurt Them, They Bleed on Those Who Didn't

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When people don't let them heal, it could hurt others. A girl expressed her feelings that her friend was always mean to her and hurt her for literally no reason. One day, her friend shared how her stepfather tortured him, and he never expressed this to his mom. This girl broke up and talked about him to her mother. Her mother advised her not to trust those people who can't heal themselves.

6. Comparison Steals Joy

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Making a difference among loved ones could result in unhappiness. A father talked about how his mother compared him with a class topper. He felt sad about this and couldn't feel joyous around his mother. He realized that comparison could kill the pleasure, and he never made a difference among his children. 

7. How Someone Can Know What They Are Going to Regret

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A woman asked her daughter not to worry about mistakes as she couldn't know the lesson. Her daughter never forgot those words about stopping worrying about things she can't control. She realized that these words helped her a lot. She wasn't afraid of mistakes anymore.

8. Sacrifice Something for What You Want; Otherwise, It'll Become a Sacrifice

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It was a simple quote that a teacher said in a class. A student shared his thoughts after a few years that his teacher's words paved the right way several times in his life. He sacrificed his comfort zone to achieve his goal.

9. Everyone's Opinion Doesn't Matter

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A man explained how her mother's convincing lines became a lifelong lesson for him. he was a short, heightened boy, and he heard taunting words for his height from some boys in childhood. He told his mother this, and she asked her not to notice everyone's opinion as it didn't matter what they said.

10. Lion Don't Need To Tell Everyone Who He Is

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Explain to everyone that everything should be avoided. An employee felt calm on several matters after listening to this quote. He knew where he needed to talk and tell what he thought. He accepted that not everybody needed to listen to who he was.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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