10 Tales of Intelligence and Education Divergence

To weigh degree over intelligence or intelligence over a degree is a debate that still needs to be answered. However, higher academic achievements are related to higher intelligence in our societies. But in reality, they can diverge and can make some fascinating stories. Enlisted below are a few of these exciting stories.

Ketchup, A Reason For “Knee Pain”

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The soreness and discomfort in the knee joints are often caused by inflammation injuries, to name a few. However, one of the contributors shared an interesting analogy regarding knee pain put forth by the Linguistic professor. According to them, overeating ketchup causes knee pains. Because it's red and blood is red, it circulates in the blood, slowly affecting all body parts, so knee pain is one of those symptoms.

Smelling Ammonia

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A compound made up of hydrogen and nitrogen, which cause respiratory problems when intact with air. Although it is a chemical that constantly interacts in laboratories, one of the neurosurgeons, as one of their students added, mentioned that their professor “smells” it. Although the risks were mentioned, he checked by sniffing and advised us not to smell that, which we never planned to do.


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Excessive boasting makes things worse off than better off. An experience shared by another contributor was that one of their colleagues used to brag about their graduation from Brown. They always took a chance to mention it. Their high qualification faded amid their boasts and brags.

“Bewildered” Professionals

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Usually, those from the specific profession better understand the width and length of the work. But it was contradicted by the experience of a user. They witnessed an event by doctors in which a person broke the neck collar and was suffering from great pain. None of the doctors called the ambulance and needed clarification about what to do next. Calling an ambulance in an emergency is a fundamental act one could have done, but the doctors didn't.

Neglecting The Directions 

Woman at Door
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Most of the entrance doors have vivid push and pull tags to help people understand the mechanisms of the doors. However, another user gave the exciting experience that most people who are either PhDs or working professionals operate the door wrongly. They love to rush at the door and get stuck into it. It is their habit, which isn't fixed.

Extracting Coffee From A Vending Machine

Woman using Coffee Vending Machine
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Scholars and practitioners are individuals who are respected for their knowledge. But most of them need more basic knowledge to survive in the world. Another contributor shares one such example. The famous, admiring professor could not extract coffee from the vending machine. Although it is way more straightforward than physics, the professor must learn how to use it.

Dumping The “Wrong” Thing

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We dump waste and save what's worthy. That is not true only across furniture and accessories but in food as well. But that is not true in every case. Added by another individual, they meet a scholar who used to dump food in place of wrappers and used to think about how they should eat now. Although he was a respected scholar, this repetitive behavior usually marked a mark on his ability as to why he couldn't figure out what we ate and what we didn't.

Packing A Suitcase

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Having all the essentials in the on-go mode within a suitcase makes the journey more memorable. Packing a suitcase is easy, but not for one of the professor's friends or another individual. As they added, his friend is a respected figure in the university and knows his work very well, but he needs help with easy-peasy tasks. One such is being lost in packing a suitcase.

Egyptian Pyramids, The Storage Area

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One of the world's wonders, Pyramids, showcases the creativity and magnificence of the ancient civilizations of Egypt. As far as the current literature, the primary work of these pyramids was to store the deceased bodies of the Pharaohs of that time. However, a professor said they were also used to store grain. Shared by a pupil, it is an interesting analogy in which the professor has a firm belief but no sound basis.

The 8th Continent

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A large, continuous landmass and continents are essential and fundamental geographical concepts. The geologist has given the concept of 7 continents, i.e., Asia and Australia, But a Ph.D. scholar thought there were eight, and the last is India. Added by the previous commenter, he was shocked to know that his very close relatives, in his 60s, still. There are eight continents on which he never gives up.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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