Breaking Stereotypes: 10 ‘Girly’ Things That Men Embrace

In today's rapidly transforming global landscape, in addition to changes in military influences and power dynamics, we also see a swift shift in current generations breaking away from traditional gender norms and being content with expressing themselves. Today, men are seen embracing the power of individuality and adopting activities deemed ‘too girly. This article sheds light on hobbies and interests that elicit joy in men, demonstrating that the originality of individuals knows no gender boundaries.


Woman Knitting
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People of all ages enjoy knitting. It provides both physical, mental, and emotional benefits for an individual. It helps people express themselves and provides a healthy outlet for managing stress and anxiety. A quote remarks that they enjoy knitting since their grandmother taught them at the age of 4. A second user adds that at five, they held the perspective that ‘boys don't sew' only to pursue knitting and sewing as an adult. 

Owing Scented Candle

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Fashion industries have, over time, marketed their scented oils, candles, and perfumes toward women; historically, women have been known to use scents for adoration and attraction. Regardless, we see men nowadays taking a great interest in self-grooming. One guy joked that they are basically a vanilla-scented candle connoisseur, and another joked that they would try to get in ‘bath and body works' in order to get discounts. 

Playing Simulation Games

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Men are captivated by simulation games such as Sims. A user shared that it's like playing with dollhouses, and many people added that playing virtual games is a skill thing and that it can be interesting for both men and women. Gaming itself is a diverse and inclusive hobby that invites people of all genders for its entertaining storytelling and creativity.

Being a Nail-care Enthusiast

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Meni-Pedi enthusiasts are a gender-neutral amusement that is picked up by anyone who values self-care and aesthetics. It has several benefits, such as providing medical care for potential foot issues that may arise, improving the appearance of feet and hands, offering relaxing and therapeutic effects for the mind, and the aesthetically pleasing aspects of upgrading self-esteem. 

Liking Color Pink

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The embracement of pink by men is an example of an evolving aspect of fashion. Designer brands are now offering pink-colored accessories and clothing for men. This potent change provides us a viewpoint to assess changing gender stereotypes. An individual shares that they wear pink polos to work and get complimented on it (hopefully, they aren't being sarcastic).

Expressing Their Emotions Freely

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A contributor says that they are surprised no one mentioned how men talking about their emotions is considered weak and feminine; this proves that men's mental health isn't taken seriously. Traditionally, being vocal about feelings was declared feminine, while men were accounted as stoic, unemotional, and apathetic. Although this standard belief is adjusting itself according to the 21st century, we still have a long way to go.

Watching Rom-coms

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Recently, there has been a surge in interest in admiring romantic comedies from men. This is a testament that people's interest in viewing any type of media isn't limited by gender. The choice to watch rom-coms depends on a person's mood and preferences.


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Gardening is a versatile hobby that allows men to connect with nature. We have witnessed a spark in youth to challenge its stereotype against them and honor this broader definition of masculinity. 

Baking and Cooking

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In older times, men helping with culinary duties at home was viewed under immense social stigmatism since this duty was treated as strictly gender-based for women. Cooking not only keeps you engaged but also allows you a chance to be creative, enlarge your social networks with friends, and allows you to express yourself. Currently, we're seeing many young boys take the audience with their impeccable cooking skills. 


Two Men Chatting or Gossiping
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A witty participant shares that he loves drama and gossiping as long as it doesn't involve him. A female user added that her boyfriend loves chatting and asks for tea whenever she goes out with her friends. It is evident that men are trying to grow as a worthy component of ‘gossiping' and trying to outdo women.

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