Buyers Remorse: 10 Compelling Reasons Americans Are Tempted to Move Back to Bustling Cities

When people living in empty and isolated places get bored with their lives, they tend to move to buzzing areas. They get attracted to vibrant cities. They find them more lively. In search of luxuries, they leave their deserted states and move to an amusing city to experience the new hustle and bustle. These are a few reasons why Americans move to buzzing cities.

To Avoid Daily Travel

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Living in an abandoned area is hard and demands more patience. A user shares that they are brought up in a quiet place and are bored of their routine. Most of their time passes by traveling to reach their destinations. They want to move to an active city so that they don't have to travel for hours to reach their college or visit a fun place.

Medical Facilities

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The lack of facilities in desolated areas may compel people to move to cities. A person writes that although they liked their town's calmness, they hate the congestion in cities. But they have a rare disease. Due to the lack of medical facilities in their place, they had to move to a city.

Job Opportunities

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A large city means greater opportunities. The biggest setback for living in an empty state is the lack of choices. You may not find many career options. Someone stated that they were uncomfortable in their small town. They couldn't find any jobs. Therefore, they moved to a thriving city to chase their dreams.

No Entertainment

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Life is not about regularly doing the same chores. One needs to have entertainment and fun in one's life. A user writes that they are living a dry life in an empty state and have nothing for their recreation. They have no places to visit. They are thinking of moving to a cheerful state to enjoy life in the genuine sense.


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Education is the road to success. In empty states, there are fewer educational opportunities. A commenter states they had to travel a lot to reach their college, which was their biggest distraction. They moved to the city to get rid of this daily struggle and focus on their studies and careers.

Social Life

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Man is a social animal and needs to be surrounded by people. Loneliness can ruin mental health. An individual says that in an empty state, people hardly see each other. Houses are far apart. They don't find anyone to talk to. He further says that in order to socialize more and make more friends, he moved to a crowded city.

To Enjoy More Luxuries

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Empty states have relatively less comfort than most big cities. People living in populated states are more likely to enjoy luxuries than those living in underpopulated states. A respondent adds that they lived in an empty state for years and led a tough life. Now, when they can afford a city life, they decide to move to an advanced city and enjoy prosperity. 

To Make More Money

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Since there are few job options in isolated areas and wages are low, people tend to move to areas with high job wages. Another user suggest leaving the bare lands and moving to big cities to make more money at a younger age. They further add that they left their hometown to earn maximum money as they wanted to retire at an early age.

Safety Concerns

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In unpopulated areas, people live far away from each other. They have more crime threats. They don't have any police support nearby. A user shares that it's better to live in a crowded city. You can have everything within walking distance. They say if anyone wants to live a safer and healthier life, it's better to move to a city.

For Successful Businesses

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Bigger cities offer more opportunities for businessmen. In empty states, they cannot find customers. According to a person, entrepreneurs should move their business to an active city. It will help them gain more customers. And will have easy accessibility to all the resources for their business. Businesses in industrialized cities flourish more than in small towns. 

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