10 Reasons Outsiders Love to Hate on the Golden State

Non-Californians hold grudges against California residents. This resentment and animosity arise because of certain factors like cultural diversity, liberalism, supremacy of the entertainment industry, and many more. Looks anonymous! Let's dive into the major reasons that will help you discover what's the key determinant behind this hatred.

1. High Living Cost

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Californians face high living costs in the United States, like increased taxes on goods and services. This delves Californians to migrate from their living space. A non-Californian shared that Californian relocation to certain states for better living has caused an imbalance between them, leading to an impact on the rising costs of goods and services.

2. Congestion Due to Overpopulation

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California consists of overcrowded metropolitan cities such as San Francisco and Los Angeles. These cities, because of their immense natural scenery, attract a large number of tourists. As stated by the US citizens, the influx of tourists towards California leads to a rise in living costs, and that's the actual reason why non-Californians had a great despise towards the Golden state.

3. Sovereignty of Tech Industry

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California is considered to be the tech giant, generating a revenue of $3.6 trillion. According to the non-Californian, California's Silicon Valley and tech innovative platforms like Google, Facebook, and Apple result in the domination of California in the tech industry. Because of continuous advancements, they are unable to combat them and are still in a struggling phase.

4. Liberalism

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The major difference between Californians and non-California is that they have different ideological approaches. A commenter pointed out that he is a non-conservative and non-California. In contrast, the majority of Californians are liberals who have a strong grip on the echo chamber. This sometimes leads to having different opinions on the same political or religious concepts. As a result, they become hateful towards Californians for their supremacy in different strategies.

5. Impact of Celebrity Culture

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Hollywood, the epicenter of the entertainment industry, lies in California, paying homage to celebrity culture. An observer meticulously stated that the Californian's fame and obsession with the entertainment industry make them more vulnerable to superficial and artificial imagination. He considered it a shallow celebrity lifestyle. As a result, a deep resentment is harbored between them.

6. Stereotypical Perception

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Because of continuous exposure to fame and luxuries, it is considered that Californians love luxuries with multiple comforts. A critic analyzed that California, with bursting fame pursuits and luxuries, offers stereotypical attitudes towards non-Californians. They considered it trivial and shallow. According to him, a feeling of inferiority complex is seen among non-Californians that leads to more resentment and a feeling of despise.

7. Mismanagement and Hypocrisy

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According to the inhabitants residing in California, Californians are usually hypocrites. However, they take pride in their management practices and seemingly assume themselves more committed to environmental regulations. Despite their preaching, they usually don't practice what they instruct. Natural disasters like droughts, wildfires, and excessive water scarcity showcase their mismanagement skills. That's why non-Californians feel hatred towards this Golden State.

8. House of Natural Calamities

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California is the epicenter of natural calamities such as floods, droughts, wildfires, and earthquakes. A respondent mentions that he is sympathetic to the challenges faced by them. However, he feels somehow terrified of such calamities. According to him, Californians have a complacent attitude towards these natural calamities, which makes him dislike them more.

9. Cultural Diversity

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Californians have a very diversified cultural impact because of the rising trend of Hollywood movies, reality TV shows, and social media influence. A reviewer alleges that because of the rising trend of cultural and traditional diversity, the local and cultural diversity of non-Californians eroded away. As a result, he feels a sense of detachment towards Californians for their perceived notion of diversification.

10. Water Wars

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California faces water shortage and water scarcity conflicts. An individual writes about the rise of these conflicts because of agricultural practices and the growing population. He stated that heavy pressure on water supplies, unfair allocation of resources, and mismanagement of water practices by the Californian state have fueled his resentment against Californians.

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