10 Ways to Cut Down Costs When Living in Expensive Cities

Travelers know when they go on trips, it's expensive as hell. Going to big cities and spending on activities is way more costly than it seems. You need to cut down on your expenses to save money. You can save money by doing different things. Here are a few ways by which you can save your money:

1. Use Public Transport

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One of the huge expenses of living in a big city is transport. If you own a vehicle, it may be convenient for you. But along with convenience, it comes with a lot of costs. You will spend thousands of dollars on it monthly for maintenance and fueling. You can save money by using public transport. It is far cheaper than a private one.

2. Don't Spend on Convenience Food

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Who doesn't love convenience food? It's fine to have it once in a while. But people often get carried away in the love of convenience food. At the end of the month, they realize they have spent too much on it. Each time you go out, you may want to eat sushi, donuts, etc. Keep this limited to once or twice a week only to save some money.

3. Watch Out for Sales

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Another best tip to save money is sales. Every month there are plenty of sales all over the place. Even online stores have deals once in a while. Besides, in big cities, sales are common. You can buy your stuff, such as groceries, toiletries, and pretty much everything, from sales. The trick is buying in a bunch for a month or so.

4. Use Coupons and Happy Hours Deals

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Eating at restaurants and cozy places is another charm of big cities. They attract you so much that you'll want to go there occasionally. But you cannot afford to spend too much on hotelling. So you need to watch out for coupons and deals. This way, you'll eat at your favorite place. And it will cost pretty much less than usual.

5. Set a Budget for Yourself

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The most common reason for overspending is budget-less spending. People need to check their income and spending limits more often. It will help them realize where they need to control. Making a monthly budget will serve you a lot of benefits. You will keep within your limits. But you must stick to it for a month to save something.

6. Live in an Affordable Space

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The biggest mistake people make in big cities is renting a luxury apartment. All their money goes into apartment rent. Ultimately they are left with little to no money. To save this situation, you need to be practical. Only rent at such a place you can afford. You may also look for transport facilities while renting. It will give you many befits.

7. Cut the Cable Expenses

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Cable expenses are one big chunk of expenses you can cut down. If you have working internet, you don't need to have cable TV. You can use your internet on smart Tv. Besides, there are many subscriptions you can avail yourself of. It will save you quite a few dollars per month.

8. Have a Side Hustle

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Today in times of global inflation, earning handsome money is quite challenging. It's harder for a person with an average 9 to 5 job. For such people, it's better to start some side hustle. It will take your daily time. But eventually, it will generate good results. You can join some freelancing platforms. You can sell your skills as a side hustle, and it will generate a handsome monthly income.

9. Set Aside Some Savings

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Sometimes sudden emergency becomes a cause of stress. It costs a lot, and people get stressed because of this. For such times, it's better to save something. You must make a budget each month and set aside a few dollars. You can also create a savings bank account. It will be your emergency resource and will help you in difficult times. 

10. Be Your Own Chef

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Fancy restaurants and luxury food is one thing that is way expensive in big cities. If you are living in a big city, then you can understand this. If you need to save money, you must leave fancy restaurants for once in a while. Try to make your food at home. It will be healthy and will be low on your budget. Making your own food will definitely help you to save money.

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