10 Fictional Places People Wish Were Real

There are undoubtedly a lot of fictitious places, and it's delightful that they are just that. There are also those enchanted nations and charming fantastical locales that inspire individuals to hope for a chance to visit them. People expressed their wishes to live in such magnificent places on an online platform.

1. Hogwarts School

harry potter
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Hogwarts is a fantasy location that many people wish existed in reality. People want to live in Hogwarts because everyone wants to own a wand, keep magical animals as pets, ride a flying broomstick, visit the sacred corridors of the castle, and many other magical things. It would also enable people to perform daily tasks without leaving their current location by reciting the appropriate magic spell.

2. Wonderland

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People love to get lost in Wonderland, a fictional world full of fun, imagination, and adventure. It is a land of wonders where people and faerie-like creatures coexist, where a baby turns into a pig, and a cat vanishes and reappears. People wish to travel to Wonderland to escape their strange demanding lives and obligations and to explore and enjoy adventures without boundaries.

3. Narnia

The Chronicles of Narnia The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)
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People who want to explore and have experiences in life appreciate Narnia, an escapism fantasy world. They want this area to be a genuine place because of miracles, magic, fantastical creatures, supernatural forces, and talking animals. Many children from the outside world are summoned by the lion Aslan to defend the Narnian world from evil. People yearn for the fictitious Narnia to come true and wish to experience this in their own lives.

4. Wakanda

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The powerful substance vibranium propels a fictional hidden world called Wakanda. For anybody interested in advanced technology, this area is ideal. People desire a land like Wakanda where growth and a strong feeling of community exist so they can enjoy lives free from difficulties, hardships, and injustices and don't have to get disappointed by the real world.

5. Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory

Jamie Laing attends the "Wonka" World Premiere at The Royal Festival Hall.
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It is more like a mythical land than a factory, complete with a chocolate waterfall that feeds a river of chocolate, trees draped in sugarplums, and lollipops sprouting from the ground. The ingenious chocolate-making equipment, fascinating inventions, secret rooms and passages, chocolate waterfalls, and delight-inducing magic experiences in the chocolate factory are reasons why people wish this place existed.

6. Pandora

Tree with Sunset
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It is a fantastical world with breathtaking scenery, floating mountains, and gorgeous creatures. At night, neon fluorescent lights illuminate the forests, illuminating each step. The dire horse, a gray-skinned, hexapod herbivorous animal with bioluminescent traits, is one of the most amazing animals on Pandora. People long for Pandora to actually exist so they can have exhilarating adventures, amazing fauna, and a close connection to nature.

7. Swallow Falls

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It's common for people to think about this imaginary place where delicious food of all kinds literally falls from the sky. For everyone to conveniently access delicious food in plenty, people also want a place where hunger is never an issue. For food lovers, this captivating imagined universe is true bliss.

8. Townsville

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Many people who grew up watching The Powerpuff Girls fantasize about living in Townsville. In this beautiful place, Blossoms, Bubbles, and Buttercup fight multiple monsters, ultimately protecting the city from harm. To relive their childhood experiences, people want to live in Townsville.

9. Asgard 

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A strong realm, the dwelling place of gods, called Asgard, is where Thor lives. The nine worlds include it. Asgard is an exceptional place since it is a flat landmass hanging in the air, comparable to how the Earth is not spherical. The place was divided into 12 or more realms, one of which was Thor's realm and housed Valhalla, the resting place of fallen heroes from earthly conflict and the residence of Odin. For the opportunity to stay connected in a realm of gods and goddesses, people want it actually to exist.

10. Neverland

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Most adults who are strange want a magical fantasy land like Neverland. The lush and enticing island is home to lost lads, mermaids, and fairies like Tinker Bell. There is no maturing or stopping time in this place. They want Neverland to be a real place so they can escape their obligations and typically stressful lives, never grow up and live carefree lives free from the burden of maturity.

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