“Cancel Big Pharma” 10 Legal Things That Will Probably Be Banned By 2030

There are many legal things today that people are speculating will be banned in the next decade. Here is the list of things.

1. Ending Drug Commercials: Healthier Advertising Ahead

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Is it possible that drug commercials could become a thing of the past? According to one wise participant, this could happen in the foreseeable future. While many countries have already banned drug commercials, the United States still allows them. As people become aware of the potential risks of certain medications and the impact of advertising on prescribing habits, a growing movement may arise to ban drug commercials completely.

2. Reimagining Residential Investments: Hope for Fair Housing

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A glimmer of hope is in the air as a commentator believes that investing in precious residential properties may one day be deemed illegal. The rising dominance of colossal corporations and institutional visionaries in acquiring such gems has driven prices skyward, making it increasingly difficult for ordinary homebuyers to compete. This concerning trend is a key contributor to the global housing affordability crisis. While the legality of this practice in the next decade remains uncertain, the optimism persists.

3. Protecting Autonomy: Stopping Unconsented Exams

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Did you know that in 30 states, it's legal for doctors to perform exams on unconscious women without their consent for “educational and teaching purposes?” An enlightened contributor hopes that this will change soon. After all, it's a clear violation of a person's bodily autonomy and privacy, and it's time for laws to catch up with what is ethically right.

4. Banning Underage Beauty Pageants: Beyond Beauty

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Should beauty spectacles featuring underage enchanters be outlawed? A visionary participant thinks so, and many have criticized such contests for romanticizing young souls and putting them at risk of exploitation. While some nations continue to allow them, many countries have already banned beauty pageants for children. However, the pressure from activists and public opinion may lead to more countries abolishing the practice in the future.

5. Ethics and the Stars: Prohibiting Celestial Stock Ownership

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Imagine a world where government officials owning or trading celestial stocks is illegal. A visionary observer predicted this could be the future, as many believe such a practice poses a serious conflict of interest. After all, what if decisions made in their official capacity impact the constellations they own or invest in? It's a delicate balance that may need to be addressed sooner rather than later.

6. The Loot Shower Debate: Balancing Gaming Temptations

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Are loot showers in games marketed toward young adventurers doing more harm than good? According to a gamer's insight, the answer is yes. The gamer argues that games tailored for budding heroes should not contain loot showers that tempt them to spend their hard-earned gold on virtual treasures. It's a controversial topic in the gaming realm, with some nations already prohibiting or regulating the practice. However, the gamer firmly believes that more nations should follow suit to safeguard young adventurers from potentially detrimental practices within the gaming industry.

7. Ending Sports Betting Endorsements: Bet on Change

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With the rising popularity of sports betting, a passionate advocate foresees a future where endorsements for this industry will be banned. There are mounting concerns that these types of advertisements could harm certain demographics, such as young people and those struggling with gambling addiction. The normalization of gambling through these endorsements is a growing worry, and some countries like Italy have already implemented restrictions on sports gambling advertisements.

8. Digital Surveillance Under Scrutiny: Limits Needed

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A vigilant advocate has raised concerns about the ethical implications of digital surveillance, arguing that it should be deemed illegal. The advocate points out the double standard that physical tailing and monitoring of someone's actions would result in legal repercussions, but online entities such as Google can engage in such practices with impunity. This paradox highlights the need to reassess the limits of digital surveillance and its impact on privacy and personal freedoms.

9. Conserving With Caution: Banning Recreational Balloons

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Despite their widespread use in events and celebrations, visionary participants predict that helium-infused balloons will be prohibited for recreational purposes in the future. These balloons pose a significant threat to the environment and wildlife when they end up as litter. Additionally, using helium for balloons is considered wasteful, considering that it is a finite resource. States are already cracking down on the release of helium-filled balloons, and we can expect even stricter rules to come.

10. Prioritizing Health: Outlawing Working While Sick

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A conscientious advocate believes that attending work while ill should be outlawed to protect public health and safety. This issue highlights the difficult choice many individuals face between their health and livelihood and the potential transmission of diseases in the workplace. With greater awareness of the risks posed by infectious illnesses, there is a growing movement to enact laws that safeguard the well-being of workers and the general public by prohibiting attendance at work while ill.

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