Girl Power: 10 Career Fields Where Women Make More Money Than Men

In a recent online discussion, people were asked to share their thoughts on career fields where women tend to excel. The thread garnered over 23,000 comments, and the responses varied from expected professions to some unexpected choices. Below are ten career fields that commenters on the thread suggested women generally excel in.

1. Healthcare

Many responders mentioned healthcare as a field where women excel. Nursing and other healthcare professions were the most common responses. Women have traditionally been associated with caregiving roles, which may explain why they excel in healthcare. The empathy and compassion women possess make them natural caregivers.

2. Teaching

Teaching is another field where women often excel. Women are more patient and nurturing, making them excellent educators, particularly in the lower grades. Many responders agreed that women do well in special education because of their ability to be patient and adapt to individual student's needs.

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3. Social Work

Social work is a field that involves providing support and services to vulnerable populations. Most responders agreed that social work is dominated by women. Social work is a field that requires emotional intelligence and empathy, traits that women often possess in abundance.

4. Writing

Writing is a field where women have made significant contributions. Many responders pointed out that women have excelled in all kinds of writing, including novels, journalism, and copywriting. Women writers have made a significant impact on the world, often writing about issues that affect women, such as gender equality and sexual harassment.

5. Veterinary Medicine

Many commenters also mentioned veterinary medicine as a field where women excel. Over 70% of veterinary students are female. This could be because women tend to be more compassionate and empathetic towards animals, making them a natural fit for the field.

6. Psychology

Psychology is a field that involves studying the human mind and behavior. More women than men study psychology and go into counseling. Women are more empathetic and have a better understanding of emotions, making them excellent counselors.

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7. Event Planning

Event planning is a field that involves organizing and coordinating events. Most responders agreed that women excel in event planning because they are more organized and detail-oriented than men. Event planning requires excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and the ability to multitask, all traits that women possess.

8. Public Relations

Public relations is a field that involves managing relationships between organizations and the public. Women are often seen as better communicators and better at building relationships, making them a natural fit for the field. Women are nurturing and caring, which is important in building relationships with clients.

9. Fashion and Beauty

Fashion and beauty is a field where women have traditionally been at the forefront. Women have been designing and making clothes for centuries. The fashion industry is predominantly female-led, and women have made significant contributions to the beauty industry.

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10. Human Resources

Finally, human resources is a field where women often excel. Human resources is all about understanding people and being able to mediate conflicts. Women are more likely to be empathetic and have a better understanding of human behavior, making them natural problem solvers in the field.

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