Changing Tides: 10 Things That Were Banned Through Time

Did you know that in the '90s, drinking and driving was common? Well, buckle up because there are some more things that used to be legal and are now completely banned. If you're curious, you're in the right place. We're spilling the beans on all those things that were once acceptable just a few years ago. Get ready for a trip down the legality memory lane!

Buying and Selling Dynamite

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If you're a '90s kid, you might recall the wild days when buying dynamite at the local hardware store was a thing. A guy reminisces about snagging dynamite with his dad for stump removal. Back then, a mere $5 license allowed bulk purchases from registered chemical plants. Ah, the memories of explosive gardening solutions from the good ol' days!

Cigarette Vending Machines

Vending Machines
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Cigarette vending machines were once ubiquitous until 2016. A bartender reveals no age restrictions; you just dropped in quarters and grabbed your smokes. Bars not only restocked them daily but also offered cigarettes at a much lower price than gas stations. It was a different era when getting your pack was as easy as dropping a coin.

Cough Syrup Ingredients

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The ingredients of cough syrup in the 1900s were legal. A lady shared her great grandma's story, where she went to a doctor and said she had a tickle in her throat. The doctor gave her a suggestion to drink liquid heroin two spoons a day with a scotch. Did you find it interesting? There is much more. Keep reading!

Kids Buying Cigarettes

Kid in car with someone smoking cigarette
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Even I am a 90s kid and remember buying cigarettes for the guests. Well, if you do not know, it was common and now has become illegal. A girl also mentions that she used to buy them for her mom, and it was normal. She recalls that there was a place that gave cigarettes to her mom with food stamps.  

Dosing the Babies With OTC Laudanum

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To let the babies sleep, the parents used to give them Laudanum. A woman commented that her grandmother shared that a couple overdosed on their babies; thus, selling Laudanum was banned. She even mentions that she was a colic baby, and her mother used to give her opium drops, which was a common practice. 

Leaving Kids in Cars

Boy looking at table in car.
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Many adults remember staying in the car alone. Agreeing with this, a lady shares that she recalled that it used to be perfectly normal to leave the kids in cars. She recalls that it was absolute torture for her to sit in a hot car while her parents ran for groceries and church. 

Smoking in Planes

passenger traveler in airplane
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You might find it interesting that smoking in planes was a common practice. A traveler shares that she recently had a flight, and she noticed that there were stickers of No Cigrattes allowed. She shares that it is funny how the plane garbage trolley still has a sentence No Smoking on it. 

No Seatbelts

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When I was a kid, there were no seatbelts in the rear seats! This can be a shared experience of all the adults out there. Agreeing, a man shares that his dad bought the seatbelts separately. He also shares that it was enjoyable to spend road trips lying in the back window and taking his arms out. 

Kids Going to Schools by Themselves

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It is a prevalent practice for kids to walk by themselves to schools in many parts of the world. A woman mentions that it is now illegal in many states of America. She also shares that many parents she has seen being arrested for this. Back then, when she was a kid, the children were expected to go to school alone. 

Choosing a New Identity

LGBTQ Pride Festival
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We often have seen old movies where people used to take a fresh start by changing their whole identity. It was even common a few years back. Mentioning this, a user shares how cool it was to choose a new identity, move anywhere you want, and start over. But now it is not possible and is illegal as well. 

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