10 Surprising Countries That Delighted Visitors

Embarking on a journey to a foreign land is a thrilling endeavor, filled with expectations and wonder. Yet, there are certain countries that have the extraordinary ability to surpass even the loftiest of expectations, leaving visitors awestruck and utterly surprised. These are the destinations where every step unravels unexpected delights, captivating travelers with their unique charm and cultural tapestry.

1. Poland

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Poland stole the heart of an adventurous wanderer who was awed by the stunning beauty of Gdańsk. The old town left an indelible impression on the explorer, who had an amazing time exploring the place, savoring delicious food, and mingling with the friendly locals. The experience was so unforgettable that the nomad could not resist returning to Poland two years later to visit Krakow, which proved to be equally breathtaking.

2. Netherlands

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Amsterdam left a lasting impression on one nomad who was surprised to find multi-level bike parking lots at every mile. Biking was a common mode of transportation, but the voyager expected it to be less prevalent. However, this unique feature was crucial to the traveler's love for the city.

3. Germany

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Munich took one globetrotter by surprise with the widespread use of bikes as a primary mode of transportation. The sight of bikers navigating through the city was awe-inspiring. The variety of non-German eateries, such as South African cuisine, sushi spots, and Doner lunch options, was also unexpected. The voyager was shocked by the size of the cigarette packs, which were as big as a Nintendo Switch console. Additionally, the bottle return system that refunded 1/3 of the purchase price of a 24-pack of beers was impressive.

4. Malaysia

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One voyager from Australia needed to prepare for the various scents awaiting them during a trip to Malaysia. From the city to the jungle, everything had a different aroma from what they were used to back home, and it was an eye-opening experience for them.

5. Ireland

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Ireland left a lasting impression on one free spirit who was pleasantly surprised by the kindness of the locals. The voyager was initially suspicious of everyone's niceness but eventually realized that the people in Ireland were genuinely friendly and welcoming. The experience left the nomad with a profound appreciation for the fantastic people of Ireland.

6. England

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A vagabond's journey from England to France took an unexpected turn when they discovered an underwater train that connected the two countries. Although they were intrigued by this unique transportation mode, they needed to prepare for the darkness that awaited them inside the tube. Despite feeling scared due to the lack of visibility, the experience left a lasting impression on the traveler.

7. Vietnam

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Vietnam presented a surprising observation for one adventurer astonished by the number of people and items that could fit on a single moped. The sight of a family of six – mother, father, grandmother, two children, and a dog – riding on a moped was incredible. The traveler was amazed at how the driver managed to navigate the vehicle with so much weight on it.

8. Japan

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Safety was a top priority in Japan, according to one explorer who was astonished by the high level of safety in the country. Leaving a purse on a park bench without anyone taking it or walking alone late at night was no cause for concern. Even at Tokyo Disney, the voyager could confidently leave their belongings outside each ride in their stroller without fear of theft.

9. South Korea

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A voyager was impressed by the affordability and efficiency of the subway and train system in Seoul, South Korea. The low prices of a ride from one end of the line to the other, coupled with the absence of a charge for 30 minutes or less if one gets off the train, were commendable. The adventurer enjoyed riding every day for two weeks, taking multiple tracks and stops, and spending less than $30. The cleanliness, good lighting, and absence of altercations further highlighted the well-functioning system.

10. China

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China amazed one curious globetrotter with its widespread use of mobile payment in almost every store and vendor, including street food and vegetable stalls. The convenience of not carrying cash around and paying through a mobile phone was impressive. They also mentioned that the process was quick and efficient, which made it even more impressive. The traveler added that they were amazed by how China had embraced mobile payment technology so effectively and had made it a part of daily life.

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