10 Foods That People Disliked After the Recipe Changed

Hey there, fellow foodie! Have you ever bitten into your favorite dish and felt like something was off? It's like your taste buds are having a bad hair day and not feeling it anymore. Well, you're not alone! Many of us have been heartbroken by the sad reality of our once-loved foods losing their magic. People on the internet have been venting about the foods that have betrayed them by undergoing some mysterious and dreadful transformation that turned them into bland, flavorless imposters.

1. Subway's Meatball Subs Changed Beyond Recognition

Subway's Meatball Subs
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According to a user, back in the late 90s, they could exist solely on a consistent regimen of meatball subs from Subway. Nonetheless, as the clock struck in 2001, the recipe underwent such a profound metamorphosis that the sandwich's current form was practically indiscernible to them.

2. Cadbury's Chocolate in the UK Not the Same Since Kraft Acquisition

Cadbury's Chocolate
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Hold onto your taste buds, chocolate lovers! Rumor has it that the quality of chocolate in the UK has taken a serious nosedive since Kraft took over Cadbury's. Word on the street is that the acquisition has resulted in a new recipe that's left chocolate aficionados feeling cheated. Some even claim the taste has plummeted by a whopping 50%.

3. Outback Downsized Dishes and Raised Prices After Going Public

Greenfield, Wisconsin / USA - August 23, 2019: The front of the local Outback Steakhouse on Sura Lane.
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Another user has come forward claiming that Outback Steakhouse has made major changes to its menu since going public. Word on the street is that portion sizes have been downsized while prices have skyrocketed. Apparently, the culprit behind this dastardly deed is a high-ranking decision-maker who values presentation over substance. As a result, the once-bustling steakhouse now resembles a ghost town, even during peak dining hours.

4. Breyers Ice Cream: Once Great, Now Considered a “Frozen Dessert”

Breyers Ice Cream
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Someone in the thread spilled out the beans that Breyers used as the go-to choice for store-bought ice cream, but the quality has significantly decreased. The user notes that the ice cream has become a “crappy mess” of what it used to be and is now referred to as a “frozen dessert” since it no longer meets the standard of being actual ice cream. The user also recalls how the burgers at Wendy's were much better in the past, highlighting another example of a food that has undergone a recipe change to the detriment of its taste and quality.

5. Chips Ahoy: Now Just a Sweet Rock With Chocolate in It

Chips Ahoy
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According to another individual's perspective, Chips Ahoy cookies have undergone a significant change in taste and texture. As a child, the user remembers the cookies being flavorful and reminiscent of homemade cookies. However, as an adult, the user finds that the cookies taste like a solid sugar block with chocolate chunks added. 

6. Ritz Crackers: Less Buttery, Easily Crumbling to Bits

Ritz Crackers
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As one user boldly proclaims, Ritz crackers have undergone a texture and flavor change that has disappointed them. About five years ago, the crackers went from being sturdy and ideal for dipping to easily crumbling into pieces even with the slightest dip. The user also notes that the flavor of the crackers is less buttery than it used to be, suggesting that the change could be due to the company switching to cheaper oil or shortening.

7. Honeycombs Cereal: Missing Its Original Flavor

Honeycombs Cereal
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Listen up, cereal enthusiasts! It's time to discuss a serious issue plaguing breakfast tables nationwide. One outspoken user has revealed that the beloved Honeycombs cereal has undergone a dramatic flavor makeover. The user claims the cereal's once-distinct honey-like taste has vanished, leaving behind a vague and uninspiring sweetness. Someone swapped out your Malt-O-Meal for Cream of Wheat – a similar product with a noticeable flavor void.

8. Pillsbury Cookie Dough: New Recipe Not Great

Pillsbury Cookie Dough
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In the words of a single reviewer, Pillsbury cookie dough in a tube underwent a recipe change that disappointed the user. Approximately eight months ago, the packaging boasted a “great new recipe,” but the user found it to be anything but great. Feeling strongly about the change, the user wrote a letter to the company expressing their displeasure and said they would only purchase the product again if the recipe were changed.

9. Cadbury Creme Eggs: New Recipe Leaves Bad Taste

Cadbury Creme Eggs
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

As stated by a solitary user Cadbury Creme Eggs underwent a recipe change that left the user disappointed. A few years ago, the user purchased one of the eggs and was convinced it was old or stale, as the creme filling inside was nearly crystallized and tasted terrible. However, the user soon discovered that it was a new recipe being used for the eggs. 

10. Turkey Hill Peanut Butter Ice Cream: Fewer Peanut Butter Chunks

Los Angeles, California, United States - 02-01-2023: A view of several cartons of Turkey Hill ice cream, on display at a local grocery store.
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

From the vantage point of one user, Turkey Hill Peanut Butter ice cream was once the best ice cream in the world until a recipe change disappointed the user. Specifically, the user noticed fewer peanut butter chunks in the ice cream, leading them to believe the company thought customers would not notice the difference. 

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