Conspiracy Theories Are True? Debunking 10 Popular Things That Aren’t All They’re Cracked Up to Be

From real-life social groups to the Internet, we are inundated with information. But it is essential to separate fact from fiction. We will debunk some facts and myths using our conventional wisdom and explore the real facts over here.

1. Shaving the Hair Makes Them Thicker

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Most people, especially females, try to avoid shaving their body hair as it is a popular myth that they grow thicker. A discovery shows that the growth of hair depends on genes, diet, and other factors rather than shaving. In the past few years, many skin experts have recommended shaving and exfoliating dead skin cells using a razor.

2. Bats are Blind


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From watching cartoons to discussing with friends, we have always thought that bats are blind. Following this myth, many people also say that they only come out at night because they are prone to be attacked in daylight as they are blind. But the truth is that bat eyes are sensitive, so they are unable to work in daylight.

3. Detox Diet Cleans the Body

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Detox water, diet, and other stuff had become very popular, especially when influencers started to make videos on them. It is a big misconception that the detox diet takes out toxins from our bodies. Our kidneys and liver are the actual reason that our body takes out the toxins. So, if they are functioning properly, you do not need a detox diet.

4. You Sweat the Toxins

Woman in red shirt running on treadmill at gym.
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We have been hearing that the more you sweat, the more toxins you release. Well, this is untrue. Excessive sweat can happen for numerous reasons, and it does not clean our bodies. Our organs, like Kidneys and Liver, are responsible for cleaning our body and taking out toxins from blood and the body.

5. Dogs See Black and White

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A sad yet popular myth is that the dogs only see in black and white. However, recent studies have shown that their vision is close to what a color-blind human sees. So, it means that dogs can see and detect different colors, and their world is not black and white at all. They can see blue and yellow and are color-blind with red and green.

6. We use 10% of Brain

man thinking pointing to head
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It is a popular belief and a myth that we use only 10% of our brains. Even after a survey in America, it was deduced that 65% of Americans believed this myth. We use more than 10%. According to recent studies, we only know 10% of brain functionality. But it works more than 10%.

7. We Grow Nails After Dying

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This myth is popular all across the world, and many people believe that it's true. But how is it possible? The nails do not grow; they stop growing right after our death, just like our other body parts. But due to dehydration and other changes in our body, the soft skin across nails starts decaying, which eventually shows the whole nail hidden under the skin.

8. Chameleons Changes Color According to their Surrounding

High Pied veiled chameleon on wood
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We have seen in movies, discussed in classes, and even seen in real life that chameleons change their colors according to their surroundings. However, recent studies have shown that they change color to adjust their body temperature as they do not have fur on the body or any other option to stay warm or cold. 

9. Cold Weather Causes Colds

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Cold weather makes most of us ill, and we catch colds. But it is not true. The truth is that there are viral infections through which we catch colds. It happens mostly in winter because our body becomes more susceptible due to changing temperatures. But catching cold only in winter or cold weather is a myth.

10. Multitasking Helps to Work Better

Happy woman on couch with laptop
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We might have seen people multitasking at the same time and other people appreciating them. Even most of us think that in this way we make our brain busier and we can work efficiently. But it is not true at all. Recent studies show that focusing on one task at a time helps to work better and generate better results rather than multitasking.

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