10 Creepy Experiences People Have Lived Through And Survived

From scary and unexplained, these users have had some creepy experiences.

1. Strange Man in Room

Waking to find a stranger in your room is enough to scare anyone, but this user tells when she woke up to a maintenance man standing at the foot of her bed. Unable to move from fear, she waited until he finally left before getting up to find a box cutter left on her kitchen table.

2. Tickling Ankles

Visiting Spain, this user says she stayed in a hotel in the Catalonian mountains. While asleep, she woke up to feel someone tickling her ankles and heard them giggle. In her sleep daze, she told them to stop and fell back to sleep. It wasn't until morning that she realized she was alone in the room, or at least was supposed to be.

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3. Close Encounter

While walking home, a car pulled up to this user to offer her a ride. Knowing a serial killer was in the area, she declined and continued walking. When he tried blocking her route, she quickly ran toward a cop who had recently pulled someone over. The man promptly sped off.

It wasn't until the man was caught and his photo was released on the news that she realized he was the same man who had tried to pick her up.

4. Archaeological Dig

While doing an archaeological body recovery of a fighting bunker, this user had a realization they were not ready for it. “My flashlight caught all this glinting shiny stuff in the cave floor, and I was like “oh, that's pretty; what's going on here?” they reported.

Walking closer, they realized the shiny stuff was human teeth blown apart and mashed into the mud. Looking around, the realization hit them: this was where many had come for safety and met their doom instead.

5. Scared Pets

We sometimes get creeped out when a pet looks wide-eyed at a random wall and starts barking or hissing at it. This user experienced that but not with one pet, but with four.

House-sitting for a friend, they experienced all four pets staring into a corner one night. Each barking, hissing, and acting aggressively scared this user into never house-sitting for their friend again.

6. Video Game Scare

Scare games can be fun. You turn the lights off, sit in the dark and expect a good scare while trying to survive the game. Once while playing the game, this user says he turned to see a girl that resembled a character in the game staring at him.

Apparently, she was visiting his roommate, but it still scared him, and he did not know how long she had been standing there.

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7. Peeking In

One user describes a tall window with a milky screen on most of it. “Only the top had a clear spot you could see through,” she says. One night while talking with her boyfriend, she noticed a face of a man staring at her.

He had used a potted plant to stand on so he could peek through the window to watch them.

8. Public Restroom

Public restrooms can make a person feel uneasy, but visiting them at night, especially when there is no light, can scare a grown man. That's just what happened when this user went to a restroom at a park late at night.

He locked the stall in the dark bathroom after stopping off to use the restroom while walking to work. Soon he heard footsteps coming right to his stall door. Quickly jumping up, he threatened he had a weapon, even though he didn't. Whoever was at the door didn't want to risk it and ran off.

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9. Saved by a Crowd

Working the late shift at a convenience store, this woman tells a time a drunken man entered and started grilling her with questions. As he's explaining how he had just broken up with his girlfriend, she notices he has scratches on his arms and blood on his shirt.

Now scared, she backs into the wall behind her, ready to hit the panic button, when suddenly a large crowd enters the store. She was relieved as the man stared at them, then left the store.

10. Hitchhikers

Picking up hitchhikers is never a good idea. One could argue those people need some help in life, while others have stories that made them never pick up a hitchhiker again.

This user tells when they were younger and picked up a couple hitchhikers while traveling through California. The woman kept making jokes about killing them, making the couple laugh. Needless to say, the driver did not drive them to their destination.

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