10 Non-Americans Share Their Perceptions of Odd American Customs

Living in America without exposure to other parts of the world, people think this is how it is everywhere else. However, have you ever wondered how the rest of the world perceives Americans? Here, you are going to have an idea about American customs, which are odd in the eyes of others.

1. Election Campaigns Period

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Many contributors volunteered that election campaigns in America are crazy and never-ending. It is hyped to the extent that people find it annoying. A user raved that when he was there in America, with all the election campaigning, he thought the elections would be held within a month, but they were a year away. Another user added there is constant campaigning and too much frequency.

2. Decorative Gourd Season

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Have you ever wondered why people could find decorative gourd season weird? A commentator said that he saw an American painting and putting pumpkins out when he lived in international student housing. He observed many students stopping while passing by and asking about the pumpkins. None of them were remotely satisfied by the explanation.

3. Halloween

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A respondent writes that South Korea has no concept of trick or treat. Korean kids were amazed when they learned they would get candy by a magical phrase: trick or treat. Seeing the excited kids experiencing this for the first time was a sight. A user from Norway also said that Halloween isn’t a big thing there, but she liked the idea of a holiday centered on the neighborhood.

4. TV Commercials for Medicines

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Medical commercials are not aired in most countries as they are not allowed. People from around the world find it weird that, in America, there are advertisements for most drugs. Pharmaceutical companies use this tactic to drive traffic on their website as they do not explain the uses of those drugs. An individual shared that one of the first things he noticed was the insane number of medical advertising in the US.

5. Price Tags Without Taxes

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Most people found this general concept of not mentioning the taxes on products annoying in the US. Somebody said it was weird that they do not mention taxes on anything, even groceries. It would be a bit of work for the locals. An immigrant teenager added that she goes to grocery stores regularly with her mum and learns the tax concept here.

6. Pardoning a Turkey at Thanksgiving

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An individual recalled that it cracked him up when he learned that pardoning a Turkey at Thanksgiving is a thing here in the US. He added that for 20 years, he’s been residing in the US, and this custom gives a good laugh every year! It is a goofy and fun tradition followed in America. Another individual asked what crime are the turkeys pardoned from!

7. Obsession With High School/College Sports

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Americans care a lot about sports played explicitly in schools and colleges. A commenter expressed that one of his non-American colleagues told him that the football play organized at his daughter’s middle school stadium held 20,000 people, and he was awe-struck! He further added this isn’t normal elsewhere for sure! Another user shared that at a high school stadium of 3k seats in Texas, close to 5k people are entertained!

8. Lack of Privacy in Public Toilets

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As hilarious as it may sound, many non-Americans found the lack of privacy in toilets absurd! You will discover gaps everywhere between walls and doors. Someone voiced why someone wouldn’t have actual walls and doors in the toilet; everyone deserves this much privacy! He added that the gap is usually so big that someone could quickly peek inside, or worse, a kid can crawl inside easily for a gapped wall.

9. Excessive Tipping

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Tipping culture in America is common. An individual working in a Qatar restaurant stated that he received a tip of 10 riyals from an American just for a takeaway. At first, he thought that he left it by mistake. Two weeks later, when he saw that American guy again, he offered his money back. That Nepali person was surprised when he learned that it was for him!

10. Non-Littering

Litter on beach
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An individual’s family, after coming from a third-world country, was shocked and praised generously for how Americans pick up after themselves and how important it is for them not to litter the public areas/ roads. It was so good and changed simultaneously to know that people who litter are looked down upon. They found public roads and regions squeaky clean!

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