Dead Giveaways That You’re Being Cheated On

Getting cheated on is never fun. Sometimes cheaters can be really sneaky about it, other times it can be blatantly obvious. The Reddit community came together and shared what they believe to be the most obvious signs someone is cheating.

Myspace Tom for the Win

“My ex would sleep with her phone under her pillow. I had an idea it was happening and would keep an eye on this guys MySpace. Then he posted one of the questionnaire things that were popular at the time, one of the questions was who did you last kiss? And his answer was my ex. MySpace Tom had my back,” a user shared.

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Caught in a Lie

“When she tells you shes having dinner with her brother… while you're having dinner with her brother,” a user said.

The Coworker

“their “co-worker” sends a “goodnight babe. I love you” text in the middle of the night..” the user shared.

The Reverse Uno

“You come home exhausted from work and your partner accuses you of cheating.” a user said.

‘The Dog Ate My….Underwear?'

“Your dog vomits another woman’s underwear,” the user quipped.

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The Backhanded Invitation

“I had suspicions that my ex was cheating on me for months. One night she invites me out (half hearted invite) to go drinking with her “girlfriends”. I decline as I wanted her to have her own friends outside of our relationship. She's all happy and humming (something she never did before). She takes a shower then I see she's getting all dolled up like I haven't seen in years. Not only that but she's wearing her sexiest underwear, the stuff she wore to signal she was horny. I simply say ‘Why are you wearing that?' and she says ‘It's just what I grabbed'. So I said ‘You know what? Give me a few minutes to get ready, I think I will go out with you tonight'. She had a complete meltdown.

“Starts accusing me of accusing her of cheating, of not trusting her and hurting her feelings. Of course I was a fool and let her play me and I end up apologizing. But I knew. However, things went down and all knowledge of that kind of left my mind until years after she had left me and I remembered all that (and other stuff). Yeah, she was cheating, I've no doubt about it,” a user shared.

The Classic ‘Business Trip'

“When he returned from a “business trip”, his checked bag was missing. I was picking him up from the airport like usual and he didnt want me to go with him to file a baggage claim. Something seemed dicey so I checked his flight number. He wasn't coming from Seattle like he stated, but from Massachusetts. I went in his backpack and found a stub for a whale-watching trip that confirmed it. Then I found a second cell phone. Spider Sense is always reliable,” a woman said.

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Karma's A…..

“If they cheated on someone to be with you, well…. don't be shocked, is all,” one user said.

Oh, Brother

“Here’s a fun one courtesy of my dad and his second wife: when the tire tread pattern on the fresh snow in your driveway matches the uncommon tires on your brother-in-law’s new work vehicle,” one user shared.

Not Quite Singing Praises

“You’re at a party and the lead singer of a band starts singing a song about your girlfriend entitled ‘Scotty Doesn’t Know',” one user said.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

“When their roomates ask to meet with you privately, and tell you that your gf was having someone over in their room with the music on loud. The same thing she'd do when we'd get busy at her place,” another user shared.

She Who Shall Not Be Named

“Oddly specific as this is how I knew- the girl he was cheating with was conspicuous in absence. He told me everything about his co-workers except for this one. I thought something was going on and sadly, I was right,” one user shared.

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Caught Red-Handed

“When you finally get off of work early for once after working doubles and instead of txting your boyfriend that you’re on your way home you stop and get their favorite McDonald’s meal and iced coffee with your last $10 until payday as a sweet surprise I’m home/I love you gesture and you’re greeted in the hallway with them coming towards you with a shocked and angry look saying “you were trying to catch me doing something” as you’re standing there holding the food and drink in your hands,” one person said.

Beer Buddies

“I was in the hospital for 10 days. When I got home there were a bunch of empty Coors Light cans on my bedside table. I don't drink beer. She ran off with Mr. Coors Light and left me and the kids, including her kids from a previous relationship.”

Sneaky Texting

“When you find incriminating messages and the first thing she ask you is how far you went back into the message history. She proceeds to get mad at you for violating her trust by looking at her computer even though you asked her several times (calmly and patiently) to be honest about the situation because you felt like you were going crazy. When the divorce process starts and she decide to call you at work and tell you you can't prove anything but I let her know I took phone pics of the conversations. She flips out. When I move out and he (her ex high school bf) moves in right after. The month our divorce became final they get married 3 months after. They have a child shortly after that. Anyhow thank god it happened because while the feelings sucked and felt unsurvivable, I dodged a bullet and my current gf of several years now is wonderful and I really do feel like everything had to happen for me to end up where I ultimately needed to be,” one guy shared.

Miracle Child

“When your wife becomes pregnant and you had a vasectomy 10 years ago,” one user said.

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