12 Weird Facts About Women

The body of a human being is one of the biggest miracles of the universe. Males and females both are two different genders. Both genders have their own uniqueness. There are a few mind-blowing facts about the female body that are not commonly known. Let's discuss a few facts about the female body which are rarely known.

1. Body Flexibility

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The incredible thing about the female body is its flexibility. A female body has such ligaments that are more flexible than a man's. It means a woman can move her muscles more flexibly than a man. It makes her body quite unique.

2. Size of Uterus

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The uterus and its extraordinary capacity to expand itself is a rare thing. Nature has put this strength and flexibility into a woman's uterus to expand into the living place of a tiny human inside. It's the unique ability of the human body to produce and give birth to another human body.

3. Wide Color Spectrum

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Colors are one of those things that make a woman different from a man. A woman's eyes can recognize color differences. She can differentiate more colors than a man typically can. It shows her rare power that females observe more keenly than men.

4. A High Pain Tolerance

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This is the most shocking thing about women and is rarely known. Women have more threshold for pain than a man has. One biggest example is the PMS. Research shows that a woman can go out and do her daily chores while having severe cramps. Meanwhile, a man with the same intensity can not do the same job. For a man, a high-intensity PMS is equal to heart attack pain.

5. Lifetime Supply of Ovum

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A woman's body is made to have a lifetime of ovum production. That means she has a reproductive egg supply of a lifetime in her body. Those reproductive eggs gradually decrease as a woman ages and age.

6. Menstrual Synchrony

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A magical thing about women is menstrual synchronicity. You might have heard of two best friends who are on their periods at the same time. You feel there is something geek about it, and you may even call those women freaks. But it's a natural thing that women may get this menstrual synchronicity.

7. Women Use Full Brain

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The rarest thing about women is their use of the brain. The human brain has two parts, left and right. One side works with emotions, while the other one works rationally and logically. Men tend to use rational brains, while women use both sides equally. This is the reason they can multitask at the same time.

8. Intuition: The Sixth Sense

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Women have a greater sixth sense. It's like a divine sense that tells them about right or wrong. People who have women in their lives will agree unquestionably with this statement. They will tell you they are feeling right or wrong about something, and the same will happen. But if you ask the logic behind this, they might not be able to tell you because it's nothing logical and just intuition.

9. High Pain Sensitivity

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A female body has high sensitivity and high pain sensors. It's like a two-sided sword a woman is walking on. They may feel a lot of pain than a man can ever feel. But at the same time, women have higher pain tolerance than men. It's a rare and the strangest thing you can ever think of.

10. Estrogen: An Arsenal

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You will be amazed to know that the female body hormone, estrogen, works as an arsenal. It works as the most productive and strongest shield in the female body that protects her from many infections. Boosting the immune system, estrogen helps females to recover fast.

11. Unique Body Fats

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Female body fats tell a strange story. It's something as common as every woman seems to deal with their body fats. But it also has a strong base behind it. A woman usually gets these fats in her adulthood. It's her body's natural way of preparing her for pregnancy.

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12. The Most Delicate Skin

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A woman's skin is the most delicate skin that is known to be the most sensitive skin. It's 25 percent thinner than a man's skin. Another rare fact about her skin is that it ages faster than men's. It is due to the sensitivity of their skin that makes them age faster, getting a more wrinkled face compared to men.

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