Dogs Are Expensive: 10 Ways to Save Money While Caring for Your Furry Friend

Pet keeping is a pleasing experience; you acquire a loving companionship to spend leisure time with. However, the cost of maintaining pets mostly exceeds the routine budget. I have explored a few measures in which the cost of keeping pets can be controlled. Here are ten creative ways to economize your spending on pets without compromising the due care required for your furry friends.

1. Adopt a Pet

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Adopting a pet is always a preferred option over purchasing. By doing so, you not only save the life of a living being but also opt for the most economical option to have a loving company. In addition, you also save on the cost of initial vaccination.

2. Preventive Care

Veterinarian or Vet Tech
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Regular veterinary checkups are high on budget; however, the preventative care of pets can save money in the long term. There is a requirement to know the seasonal diseases of the birds/ animals and take preventive measures beforehand to avoid expensive treatment. 

3. Plan a Budget

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Plan a dedicated amount for pet care in your routine budget. As a responsible owner, you must ensure good food, medical care, and a cozy pet environment. All these measures require capital; by planning a budget, you could also prioritize the expenses and keep some amount for the unforeseen.

4. Grooming

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Pet grooming is an important aspect to be catered for by the owner. Hiring the grooming services is a costly affair. You should buy quality grooming articles and learn to groom your pets at home. This would save you a good amount of money and create an affection between you and your pet.

5. Pet Foods/ Supplies

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Although maintaining good pet supplies is an expensive affair, there are various ways through which you can cut expenditures. One is to look for discounts and sale offers, 2nd is buying in large quantities, and the third is to explore online merchants who offer the best prices.

6. Playthings for Pets

Spending quality time is important for a pet's well-being. This could be achieved through engaging them in playing activities. Avoid buying costly toys for this purpose; you may use idle household stuff to create some entertainment for pets.

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7. Pet Medications

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Pets often require medication. Always consult a vet regarding cost-effective alternatives. Alternatives are equally effective as their counterparts but available at much lower prices. You may discuss openly with your vet and find an affordable choice to maintain your pet's health.

8. Health Insurance

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Keeping your pet covered under suitable health insurance is a wise option. This saves you at ease in case some impromptu medical need arises. It would help if you explored an option for the appropriate insurance company that provides coverage per your optimum requirement. It would help if you opted for pet health insurance; it will keep you at mental peace and ensure the best healthcare for your pet.

9. Pet Training

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You should avoid hiring private services to train your pets. The basic training of pets can be done at home. With slight social/ print media guidance, you may take your pet to the desired level. By doing so, you can strengthen the bond with your furry friend.

10. Mutual Sharing of Pet Responsibilities

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You should maintain a social circle with those who keep pets. By doing so, you can save on the cost of pet sitting. By sharing pet responsibilities, you can maintain your daily routine hassle-free. Moreover, you may cut your expenditure by sharing bulk purchases and combined visits to the vet, etc.

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