These 10 Surprising Candidates for President Could Win in 2024

Here are some people who could be president if they were to run for election.

1. Dolly Parton: The Bureaucratic Red Tape Cutter

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Dolly Parton has the potential to become a great president due to her strong work ethic and her ability to overcome obstacles. The user suggests that Parton could establish a new legal code to simplify government processes, which would be known as the “code of many cutters.” This witty play on words demonstrates the user's admiration for Parton's ability to get things done efficiently.

2. Steve From Blue's Clues: The Childhood Hero Turned President

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The second commenter wrote that Steve Burns, the original host of the popular children's show “Blue's Clues,” could easily become the president if he ran for office. Despite leaving the show in 2002, Burns has maintained a large following of loyal fans who fondly remember his time on the show. With his friendly demeanor, relatable personality, and ability to connect with children and parents alike, some believe that he would have a real shot at winning the presidency.

3. “Weird” Al Yankovic: The Nation's Musical Jester and President

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According to some “Weird” Al Yankovic, the parody song master would make an excellent president. According to the commenter, Yankovic is a national treasure and would have their vote any day. With his quick wit and creative thinking, Yankovic could bring some humor and lightheartedness to the serious business of politics.

4. Gary Sinise: The Unifier of the Nation

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Gary Sinise is an actor known for his role in Forrest Gump. One of his fans says that he could be selected as president. The user thinks that Sinise can unite people and bring them together. Sinise is known for his work in supporting American veterans and first responders, and the user believes that this dedication to public service would make him an excellent leader.

5. Leslie Knope: The Political Enthusiast Turned President

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Another suggestion says that Leslie Knope, the fictional character from the show Parks and Recreation, would make a great president. Known for her relentless work ethic, dedication to public service, and unbridled enthusiasm, Leslie Knope would undoubtedly bring a unique perspective to the White House. While she may be a fictional character, many people admire her character traits and believe she embodies the qualities of a great leader.

6. Dwayne Johnson: The People's Champ President

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Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has what it takes to become president. He might not be the best for this, but the user thinks he would be a popular candidate because of his celebrity status and widespread appeal. Despite his lack of political experience, the user believes Johnson's charisma and ability to connect with people could make him a successful president.

7. Arnold Schwarzenegger: The Empathetic Republican as President

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Arnold Schwarzenegger would be a strong presidential candidate if he could run. The individual points out that Schwarzenegger was a Republican governor but has a level of empathy and left-leaning potential that sets him apart from other Republicans. They also think that he could run on either side and win. Despite being ineligible to run due to his foreign-born status, the user sees Schwarzenegger as a viable candidate because of his popularity and appeal to a broad swath of voters.

8. Katie Porter: The Whiteboard-Wielding Presidential Hope

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Many admirers of Katie Porter suggested she would be a great presidential candidate. They envisioned her bringing her whiteboard everywhere on the campaign trail, explaining complex issues to people while wearing her signature lipstick and beads. They also imagined her grocery shopping and carrying in her own groceries while using coupons. Although they didn't believe she would win due to being called “elite” by some, they still admired her intelligence and determination.

9. Morgan Freeman: The Voice of Reason and Potential President

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If Morgan Freeman ran for president, he could easily win, says a wise observer. They note that Freeman's soothing voice and wise demeanor would make him an ideal candidate. The user imagines Freeman addressing the nation with his signature calm and reassuring tone and believes he could unite the country and lead with wisdom and compassion.

10. Ryan Reynolds: A President With Good Sense of Humor

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Ryan Reynolds, the Canadian-born actor, could easily become the president if he ran for office. Known for his roles in Deadpool and The Proposal, Reynolds has become a beloved figure in Hollywood. Ryan is also famous for his quick wit and sense of humor, which could make him a charismatic political candidate. Despite being a Canadian citizen, Reynolds has become more involved in American politics in recent years, using his platform to advocate for causes like environmental protection and voting rights.

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