“Don’t Be The Loud American” 10 Biggest Pit Falls When In Europe Traveling

Embarking on a European adventure is an exciting prospect filled with captivating sights and cultural wonders. However, even the most seasoned travelers can fall into common pitfalls that can hinder the overall experience. To ensure a smooth and enjoyable journey, it's important to be aware of the things to avoid when traveling in Europe.

1. Show Respect at Memorial Places

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When visiting memorial places in Europe, showing respect by avoiding inappropriate behavior, such as taking selfies, is crucial. A seasoned traveler recommends researching local customs and traditions to ensure visitors do not offend anyone. While some cultures welcome small talk with strangers, others prefer a more reserved approach. So, it's essential to know the dos and don'ts of each country to make the most out of the experience.

2. Don't Waste Money on International Service Plans

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An experienced adventurer suggests that international phone plans from US service providers can be costly and unnecessary. Instead, they recommend buying a SIM card at the airport upon arrival. In Seville, Spain, they bought a SIM card for 12 Euros, which included a month of service and 9 GB of data. By doing so, travelers can save money and stay connected throughout their trip.

3. Greet Before Speaking in France

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To avoid being rude in France, exchanging greetings with locals before initiating a conversation is important. A well-traveled person advises learning basic greetings such as “bonjour” and responding accordingly. Only then can one proceed with asking for directions or assistance. This simple gesture can go a long way in building a positive interaction with the locals.

4. Keep Kids in Check In Public Places

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While traveling with children in Europe, it's crucial to remember that good manners and respect for others are highly valued in many cultures. A globetrotter warns against allowing children to misbehave in public places, particularly restaurants. Parents should ensure that their children are well-behaved and respectful towards others, including using a quiet inside voice, not throwing things, and staying seated during meals.

5. Plan Ahead for Meals in Paris

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When dining in Paris, being aware of local customs is essential. A seasoned adventurer advises anticipating long waiting times and ordering before getting too hungry to avoid delays. They also suggest asking for city water instead of bottled water to save money. Additionally, diners should be prepared for restaurants to be slow to provide the check and ask for it when ready to leave.

6. Don't Exchange Cash, Use Cards Instead

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Step up your travel game with this advice from a seasoned globetrotter: skip the exchange services and use your debit or credit card to get the best exchange rates. According to this adventurer, ATMs are your friend, offering better rates and only a reasonable 3% fee charged by the bank. Refrain from getting duped by high fees and unfavorable exchange rates when you can make the most of your money.

7. Don't Be a Creep on Public Transportation

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If you're exploring Europe, being mindful of personal space is important. Remember to avoid sitting next to a stranger unless necessary, as it can be considered creepy. Also, try to avoid standing or walking too close to people if there is enough space. This is especially true in Finland, where people tend to spread horizontally at bus stops, maintaining a distance while still near the stop. So, respect others' personal space and avoid making them uncomfortable.

8. Speak Softly in Public Spaces

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When traveling in European cities, speaking loudly in public spaces could be viewed as inappropriate. As a wise adventurer, someone advised that unless it's absolutely necessary, avoid speaking loudly as it may lead others to perceive you as a “creep.” This tip is particularly important for first-time visitors who may need to become more familiar with the area's customs. By being aware of these nuances, explorers can ensure they do not offend the locals or draw unwanted attention.

9. Be Punctual in Finland

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In Europe, punctuality is of utmost importance, especially in Finland. If someone says they will meet you at 2 PM, they mean 2 PM sharp. Finnish people are known for being punctual, and keeping them waiting is considered impolite. So, it's crucial to plan ahead and ensure you arrive on time to avoid awkward situations.

10. Avoid American Chain Restaurants While Traveling Abroad

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While traveling in Europe, sticking with familiar American chain restaurants is tempting. However, you must take advantage of a chance to experience something unique to the region. Instead, try small, locally-owned restaurants that are popular among the locals. Not only will the food be more authentic, but you'll also get a chance to experience the local culture firsthand.

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