“Don’t Play The Victim” 10 Actions People Do That Aren’t as Innocent as They Seem

In our diverse world, there are numerous viewpoints and concepts regarding what is smart and what is foolish. Some people might find something amazing, while others might find it completely absurd. A few of the things that people try to do were recently mentioned. However, they frequently encounter online mistrust and criticism.

1. The Inconceivable Supervisor Wage Situation

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Upon discovering they were granted a higher position at work but with no increase in pay, an individual is overcome with uncertainty and finds the decision ridiculous. They question the reasoning behind such a choice, perplexed by the lack of compensation accompanying the promotion.

2. Riding Without Leathers: A Slippery Slope

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Expressing deep concern, another person deliberates the idea of riding a motorcycle without donning protective leather gear. They delve into the potential hazards and emphasize the peril of sustaining severe injuries in an accident. They vividly describe the repercussions of slipping on a sidewalk without adequate protection, underscoring the importance of safety measures and warning those who disregard them.

3. The Allure of Rage Bait for Attention

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Another individual doubts its efficacy when contemplating using controversial subjects to gain online attention, likes, and views. They believe that employing anger and controversy to seek validation may not yield the desired long-term outcomes. Instead, they advocate for genuine and authentic interactions, doubting the efficacy of such manipulative tactics.

4. Risking Anesthesia: A Dangerous Deception

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Frustration engulfs a person as they encounter individuals who deceitfully claim to have abstained from eating before undergoing anesthesia. They elucidate the grave risks involved, particularly the peril of aspirating food into the lungs, a life-threatening scenario. They express disbelief at the seemingly casual attitude towards such risks and urge everyone to prioritize their safety by adhering to medical guidelines.

5. Exotic Pets: Beyond the Bounds of Reason

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Engaging in a discourse on the notion of owning exotic pets such as tigers, wolves, bears, or chimps, an individual addresses the potential hazards and ethical dilemmas associated with this practice. They opine that the desire to possess these creatures may stem from misconceptions or a lack of comprehensive understanding regarding their complex needs and behaviors.

6. Tight Caves: An Exploration Folly

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Firmly convinced of the folly of exploring small, cramped caves, an individual outlines the inherent risks, including accidents and the potential to become trapped. They contend that engaging in such activities without proper training or precautions is superfluous and easily avoidable.

7. Unapologetic Abusers: Unworthy of Forgiveness

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In strong opposition, one person resolutely refuses to forgive unrepentant abusers, deeming forgiveness a potentially enabling act that may perpetuate further harm. They emphasize the utmost importance of establishing boundaries and prioritizing personal safety.

8. The Peril of Drunk Driving: A Refusal To Participate

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In disagreement with their friends, savvy user adamantly opposes drunk driving, resolutely refusing to operate a vehicle after consuming alcohol, even if their friends rely on ride-sharing services like Uber. They assert that making responsible choices is of paramount importance and demonstrate an unwavering commitment to avoiding the dangerous practice of drunk driving.

9. Eyeball Tattoos: A Choice With Consequences

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Disliking those who voluntarily undergo eyeball tattoos, a commenter harbors no sympathy toward them. They assert that individuals who willingly choose such a procedure should not anticipate pity if they suffer vision loss or other adverse effects. They perceive it as a self-inflicted decision devoid of any sympathetic inclination.

10. Free Solo Climbing: An Unwise Endeavor

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The final user takes a critical stance on the practice of free solo climbing, which involves scaling heights without the aid of ropes or protective gear. Regardless of a person's expertise or skill level, they deem this high-risk activity to be foolish. They stress the indispensability of safety precautions, firmly believing that climbing without proper equipment is unwise and entirely unnecessary.

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