10 Secrets Employees Wish Everyone Knew About Being Behind The Counter

In the bustling world of customer service, employees often have invaluable insights and perspectives that can enhance the overall customer and staff experience. Recently on an online platform, employees revealed the behind-the-scenes truths and provided valuable tips that customers would love to know.

1. Subway Insider: Save on Chicken Bacon Ranch

Subway sandwiches menu counter, made to order customer, shopping mall food court, Saugus, Massachusetts USA - November 9, 2016
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According to one Subway employee, ordering a Chicken Breast sub and adding bacon can save customers a dollar compared to the pricier Chicken Bacon Ranch option. They reveal that the same chicken is used in both sandwiches, making the cost difference seemingly unnecessary. They even suggest requesting the chicken breast to be cut up without questioning.

2. Tech Support Truth: Honesty Can Risk Service

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In the realm of tech support, a worker advises customers never to admit to causing product damage when seeking warranty service. They explain that admitting this can risk the support staff's performance evaluations and job security. Instead, they suggest sticking to a simple story and following troubleshooting steps diligently.

3. Behind the Kennel: Stressful Times for Pets

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An amazing tip is shared by a reflective individual working in a kennel. They said that animals often experience high levels of stress and fear when placed in kennels. They emphasize the dedicated efforts made to reassure and comfort these pets, urging pet owners to understand the profound emotional impact on their beloved companions.

4. Retail Woes: Perishable Products Out of Place

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A concerned employee raises an issue frequently encountered in retail. Customers leave perishable items in unsuited areas. They share an example of finding steaks in the cereal aisle, emphasizing the risk of spoilage and waste. It reminds customers to handle items carefully and return them to their proper locations, promoting freshness and minimizing excessive losses.

5. Gas Station Realities: Understanding Gas Prices

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A gas station employee sets the record straight, clarifying that they are not responsible for the gas prices. They aim to clarify that to divert customers' frustrations regarding gas prices towards a better understanding of external factors that influence them. It encourages customers to engage in a more informed and empathetic interaction with gas station staff.

6. Sample Etiquette: Gloves for Food, Not Hands

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The food sample attendant offers an intriguing perspective. They share the gloves are worn not for the employee's hand hygiene but to keep the food clean. They kindly request that customers refrain from reaching for items not being served. Moreover, they reveal the importance of maintaining food safety and highlight the shared responsibility between employees and customers in preserving the integrity of the sampling experience.

7. Employee Expertise: Seeking Guidance Beyond the Supervisor

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Somebody acknowledges that their supervisor may know less about their job than themselves. They playfully suggest that customers are better off seeking assistance directly from them, emphasizing their expertise and understanding.

8. Rattlesnake Facts: Dispelling Cartoon Myths

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A professional specializing in rattlesnake handling dispels common misconceptions, explaining that rattlesnakes do not possess extraordinary abilities as depicted in cartoons. They urge individuals not to lie about encounters when seeking assistance, as their expertise enables them to discern dishonesty. This comment provides valuable information about the behavior of rattlesnakes and encourages transparent communication when dealing with snake-related concerns.

9. Cold Stone Confession: Unhealthy Indulgences

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One Cold Stone employee reveals the harsh truth about the nutritional content of their offerings. They emphasize that the food served at the establishment is highly unhealthy and should not be considered a meal replacement. The commenter aims to increase customer awareness about popular menu items' calorie and fat content, encouraging informed decisions regarding their dietary choices.

10. Tech Wisdom: Googling for Answers

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Another knowledgeable individual in a tech-related field confesses that they do not possess an exhaustive knowledge of every software detail. Instead, they rely on readily available resources like online search engines to find answers to specific questions. This comment showcases the importance of resourcefulness and highlights the need for customers to recognize the accessibility of information in troubleshooting processes.

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