10 Obvious Things People Needed Explained to Them

We have all been there. When our brain doesn't compute something and needs something explained, ordinary people think we might miss a few brain cells. But take care to learn when someone corrects us. Otherwise, we may walk around saying dumb things all the time.

1. No Texting While Parked

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One user tells the story of being parked in a parking lot and being told not to text. “Recently, a distant family member yelled at me for texting behind the wheel. He claimed that's exactly the same as texting at a red light.”

2. No Need To Photocopy a Blank Piece of Paper

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A copier or printer is filled with blank paper that gets printed on, and anyone who has used one knows there is a compartment you put blank paper to refill it. However, one user explains how her coworker did not realize this.

She explains, “You don't have to keep photocopying that one blank page you keep carrying around with you. Instead, you just pull one out of the tray.”

3. Your Luggage Is on the Same Plane

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One user says, “I had to explain to someone on our flight that there wasn't another littler plane trailing us with our luggage when they looked out the window looking for said little plane.”

If this is your first time seeing a plane, a movie with a plane, or an idea of how transportation vehicles work, this would be somewhat confusing.

4. You Can Still Go Outside During an Eclipse

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The sun is always too bright to stare at, but more people are inclined to look during an eclipse due to the phenomenon. But this user needed help explaining that you can still go outside. The sun is not brighter during an eclipse.

She says, “They literally said the sun was brighter than usual and that they had to constantly look down at the ground and shade their eyes when they had gone out earlier that morning. So I had to explain that it wasn't brighter, and they still didn't believe me.”

5. You Can't Make a Black and White in Color

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Even with today's technological advancements, you cannot copy a black-and-white photo in color. This doesn't even seem like it would be possible in the future, but this user had to explain to her boss just that.

She added, “You also cannot make a color copy of a black-and-white document while using a copier that only has black toner.” Hard enough to try to explain this logic, but it must have been harder to say it to your boss.

6. Math Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

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One user explained, “You don't save more money breaking transactions into individual items and using a 20% coupon on each rather than just taking 20% off the whole purchase.”

You would think this was simple math, and one could quickly figure out you end up saving the same amount of money regardless.

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7. Lunar vs. Solar

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It seems people have a difficult time understanding an eclipse. This user tried to explain the differences between Lunar and Solar eclipses. She shares, “They thought one was where the sun passes between the Earth and the Moon.”

8. There Are Not Two Oceans in Hawaii

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On top of a mountain in Maui with a tour group watching the sunset, this user hears a guy behind him telling his kids, “the sun sets in the west, so that's the Pacific Ocean, so that side over there is the Atlantic.”

It would be hard not to laugh in this situation, but it seems appropriate to try to correct him. This user replied, “you know this is all the Pacific Ocean, 360 degrees around.” He then rolled his eyes and kept talking to his kids.” It doesn't sound like this user was very successful.

9. Mountains Are Not Man Made

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Mountains are massive, and some even have odd shapes that can give a mountain a nickname. This user had to explain that a mountain nicknamed “the pyramid” was not man-made into that shape.

She says, “This guy legitimately believed that people piled up all this dirt and rock for no reason, just because the mountain is nicknamed the pyramid because of its shape.”

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10. That Was a Fake Ad

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“That his false advertisement suit vs. Time Warner wouldn't hold up because they're not the ones that told him he was the millionth viewer to a website and promised him a prize,” explains one user.

This same applies to the prince of some country doesn't want to send you millions of dollars. You are not the 100th visitor to the website, and you did not win a new TV.

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