10 Dumb Things People Admit To Spending Money on That You Should Avoid

We all have different priorities when it comes to how we spend our money, but sometimes, we witness others making questionable financial decisions. In a recent online discussion, people shared some of the dumbest things they have seen others spend their money on. Here are ten of the most memorable stories:

1. Vtubers/Streamers

“Controversial but seeing people burn thousands and thousands of dollars on Vtubers/Streamers is astounding to me…,” one person said. Someone added some more context, saying, “Yes the people who compete to be the top donators of the month! I’ve follow one streamer for 14 months and I’ve seen people come out of nowhere, give them tons of gifted subs and donos, and then they just disappear into the abyss. It’s like they get off on showering someone with money and then move onto the next person.”

2. Private Fireworks Show

“My neighbors once spent all their money on a private firework show, then had to hide their cars from the repo man for months,” one person shared. Someone else pointed out that it's actually pretty difficult to have a private fireworks show. “How come I don’t see anyone bringing up how near impossible it is to have a private firework show ? Like. Maybe way out in some isolated desert but even than it’s not very private. Likely someone in a manic state though.”

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3. Overdraft Fees

“I dated a guy who would still use his debit card even when his account was over drafted because he didn’t realize he was charged overdraft fees for every transaction. I had to explain to him his single snickers bar or bag of chips or whatever from the vending machine was now costing him an extra $35. And he did this multiple times every single shift he worked,” one woman shared.

4. MLM Network

“Short story: In 2014/2015, I bought some cheap land in East Saint Louis and lived in a van there, just as an experiment/just for fun. I sourced my electricity via a 12 gauge extension cord for $70/mo from a neighbor, a mid-70s lady. This area was poooooor (and still is). My land was $285.00, and she bought her house for $750.00 a few years earlier via tax auction quiet title.

We became pretty close. She lived on SSI and at one point started selling Tupperware. One day, she asks me if I'd be willing to become one of her sellers for $100 while promising I'd never have to do anything or sell anything, just buy the $100 starter pack and she will do the rest and I can even quit immediately. I tell her I am not interested, but I'll gladly give her a hundred bucks just to have, to make ends meet, no repayment necessary because i cared about her as a person.

She was grateful the whole time, don't get me wrong, but it was clear she would rather me become one of her pyramid scheme sellers than just give her the cash because of the benefits she believed she would recieve. WILD,” one person shared.

5. NFTs

“I remember my ex working his butt off as an uber, maxing his cards and commenting on this weird chat thing just to be the first to get a ridiculously expensive NFT because according to him it was going to make him a millionaire… He got one and was never able to sell it,” one person remembered.

6. Crystals

“My Mum has spent $1000s on crystals and stones. She continues to, and gives them as gifts, I have no idea what to do with them so I put them in my plants pots then she gets upset for some reason. Send help please,” one person begged. Someone else gave them an alternative for their mom.

“Get her a rock tumbler and have her tumble her own and try to identify them. Cheaper in the long run. Makes for a more interesting hobby too, if she gets into it. It will get her out of the house and into nature. Crystals are everywhere, they literally litter the earth. A lot of ordinary-looking rocks turn out quite beautiful once they've been tumbled.”

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7. Scratchers

“Knew a girl who would spend all her money on scratchers and drugs. She would constantly go on about how when she finally won big she was going to move and get clean…. He grandmother gave her a 20 – 30k inheritance. Nothing changed except how many scratchers she would buy. I saw her buy out whole rolls occasionally. She wised up with the last few thousand and put some advance rent on an apartment (was in a motel) and fixed her car. But that money was gone in less than 2 months,” one person remembered.

8. Gambling Machines

“Gambling machines. I work in a bar room. People will play these machines for 12+ hours and never win. Then they Win $700 the next night and think they’re on top.. it’s insane. They look like zombies sitting there in a trance. Once had to unplug the machine on a patron who would not leave for closing. Kept saying ‘5 more minutes,'” one person shared.

9. Dog Waste Pickup Service

“A friend of mine pays a service to come pick up the dog waste in his yard that his dog leaves out there. He has kids. If it was me, I'd be making the kids go out and pick it up as part of their chores. They're not little kids. They're old enough to be doing stuff like that,” one person said.

10. Food Delivery

“Doordash. Having someone hand-deliver food to your home is a luxury and it should be treated as such. It should not be something most people use as regularly as they do. I'm not saying there aren't times where it's necessary or optimal, but the people I see that get it once or more a week is mind-blowing to me, especially when they're struggling with debt and other financial issues,” someone pointed out.

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How I make $11,000 per year renting out my spare rooms?

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