10 Food Lovers Choose Their Favorite Cuisine From 10 Countries

With so much this world has to offer, good food always tops the list! Every country has its specific cuisine varying in taste, spices, and variety. Given the option to have only one cuisine for the rest of their lives, the following are the country cuisines that the food lovers choose to have;

1. Mexican

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This cuisine is loved all around the world. A lot of foodies voted for Mexican cuisine as their go-to food. And why not? Many commentators find it divinely tasty because of its rich taste and one-of-a-kind recipes. One individual raved about how his taste buds were satisfied by tacos, and he became a fan of Mexican food. Another user stated that Mexican food is diverse; every state has excellent taste!

2. Italian

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The food always goes right if it's Italian. A commentator raved that Italian cuisine has a fantastic diversity of food, from pizza to steaks to lasagna. Another user said he'd be okay with eating spaghetti and pizza for life. However, Italian cuisine has a lot of options to choose from! Risotto to Gnocchi, vegetarian to meat dishes, all have taste and variety.

3. Indian

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Indian food has a variety of dishes. An individual expressed that he felt Indians have outstanding food. According to him, Indian cuisine epitomizes taste and nutrition. Their main dishes are an extraordinary mixture of plants with excessive spices and herbs that suit you. He added that he can take it all his life as he feels nourished.

4. American

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American cuisine has it all! A commentator appraised that there is no comparison of Americanized Asian, Cajun, Creole, and barbecue foods anywhere else. Another commenter added as an American that they have stolen the food from everywhere in the world and still give out the best. The third user raved that eggrolls, TSO chicken, and garlic bread were all invented in America.

5. Japanese

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Japanese cuisine is a mixture of healthy and delicious food. A contributor said that whatever he had and ate in Japan was all great regarding taste and nutrition. He added that the food was less spicy, but he could still enjoy it for a living for as long as it was needed. Another user said he loved Japanese curry, sushi, ramen, and tempura. The cuisine has so many healthy options to choose from the variety.

6. Chinese

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Chinese food has many regional cuisines, including Cantonese as mellow, Szechuan and Huan as spicy and stimulating, and lamb and halal in Xian and Northwest China. A commenter said he loved Chinese cuisine and could have it for the rest of his life. He added that all the sauces are tasty and veggies add a unique flavor to Chinese food. A user exclaimed that he loved to eat bean sprouts.

7. Lebanese / Mediterranean

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Lebanese and Mediterranean food has some of the best dishes their cuisine offers! A foodie writes that Lebanese cuisine is the home of garlic sauce and rice, along with the shaved chicken and their famous pickled turnip. Another foodie exclaimed that he'd always be ready for their Shawarmas, Fattoush, hummus, and kebabs. Somebody also said that Mediterranean diets are the healthiest.

8. Korean

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Korean food is trending these days. Somebody commented that he could live happily on Korean cuisines like bibimbap, kimbap, japchae, and bulgogi, and not to forget their world's famous Korean fried chicken. He further added that he is almost always in the mood to try at least one of these. A user acknowledges that this cuisine has a lot of variety due to the influence of various other countries.

9. French

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Many users agreed that French food is the absolute winner. French cuisine also has a vast range of dishes with various regional variations. All the mouthwatering new and fancy food with exquisite and exciting presentations are all part of French food. An individual claimed that one cannot live without their bread and croissants.

10. Turkish

Uzbek pilaf and ingredients on black wooden background. Plov - rice prepared with vegetables and meat.
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Turkish foods are undoubtedly healthy, along with being flavorful and enriching. A user commented that Turkish food is one of the best foods with all its spices. However, it is underrated. Another individual shared that when he went to Ankara, he couldn't believe everything he tasted was incredible—even the stuff they had casually stalled at the mall's food court. 

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