10 Secret Revelations from the Corporate World

There are always “Skeleton in the cupboards” stories in the corporate world. They are unrevealed unless someone within them makes it known. Thousands of stories are brought into the light by many ex-employees. A few of them are given below:

Hiring the “Favorites”: A Game of Business

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There is a collective consensus that bias and favoritism cause business processes inefficiency. Many business schools and industries are working to cope with the situation. However, one of the contributors shared their experience while working at Dominos that their manager was very biased in hiring. All his working line either knows him or they have worked as an intern or part-time workers under him. Not only that, the promotions were promised to these persons only. 

Differing Costs for the “Same” Products

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Several companies compete in the same niche by bringing variations and creativity to their products. However, some renowned products have the same formula across the companies, too! As revealed by an employee of L'Oréal, the products of L'Oréal and Lancome have the same formula of formation. Yet, Lancome's products are expensive.

Scam That Scammed the Company Itself

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Scams are not a new concept for humanity. The defamation caused by such cases is hard to repair by the companies—an ex-employee shares one such case in Oliver Garden. Working as a server in the mid-90s, there was a drastic and mysterious increase in terminating servers. After some time, it was known that some servers were reusing the receipts for customers paying in cash; consequently, tips and money were both pocketed.

Amended Criteria for Riches and VIP

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Efforts are made to make similar criteria for the rich and poor to promote merit-based selection. In colleges and various industries, however, this is different. Enlightened by another user, their experience at the college admission desk was worse. Working at BYU, the user shared that all the rich and VIPs were admitted by amending their merit and making the minor favorable criteria for them. Many colleges who claim merit-based selection are spoiled, too.

Sustainable Scam: Are Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero Different?

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Companies are in the run to make their brand sustainable. For this, many companies have introduced varying product lines. But some products are identical but only differ by their name. Another Pandora box opened by the contributor, Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero are the same things. What differs is their name and colors. The rest is the same but a scam with customers.

Deception of Environmental Friendly Practices

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 The increased environmental concern has led companies to actively participate in preserving the environment. For this, they are actively introducing eco-friendly products and practices. But this isn't the case in the Toyota (America). Shared by the contributor, everything was disposed of without any environmental concern. Car paints went straight to the dumpster. Radiator fluid went down straight to the drain. Although the headquarters provided clear instructions on disposing of all these “fatal materials,” the boss didn't pay attention.

Security at Stake: Fake CCTV

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Security is the priority, a slogan that is very famous across companies. For this, they allot a quite handsome portion of their budget. Installing up-to-date cameras and trained security guards are some standard measures. But often, what we see is false. Another user added that while working at Home Depot, the security cameras in their organizations don't work. The security of employees and customers is at stake, but management doesn't heed it.

Expired Chocolates: A Way To Win “Customers Trust”

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One of the tactics companies use to gain the trust of their customers is providing them with free samples of their products. A proven tactic to hike sales. But some companies are found guilty of malpractices in it, too. Unveiled by a “Godiva chocolates” worker, the company would turn the expired chocolate bars into sample pieces. Despite the fact that it can adversely impact individuals' health, this practice was implemented.

A Tale of Undiagnosed, Ill Supervisor

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Often, companies hire persons based on their competencies and a thorough look at their background. Making sure they hire a competent person with a healthy background. However, in the case discussed by the user at Papa John's, he used to work under a person who either had undiagnosed germaphobia or OCD. Resultantly, the manager was very cruel to the staff. Although higher authorities and customers appreciated his strict behavior on cleanliness, whoever got a chance to work under him never worked again.

Expired Products That Get “Sales”

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So far, there has been a lot of work on controlling the quality of the foods. Compromise on the life of the individuals is unbearable. Yet, a branch of Subway did otherwise. As shared by the last user, their branch manager gave them directions to change the expiry dates of the products and use them in servings! Also, no one could question that too. Although the manager was altered, his practices questioned Subway's hiring process.

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