Fleeting Fame: A Look Back at 10 Forgotten Icons of American Cultures

With time, every culture evolves and adopts new habits. The same happens with the American attitude and their response to cultural actions. Today's America has different items and icons to enjoy than the America of the past 20 years. There are several items that have been forgotten from American culture. Let's move backward and look at some of those.

Cigarette Vending Machines

Vending Machines
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These cigarette vending machines were the popular stuff in the back. Every bar had these machines for the customers' accessibility. The customers could easily get their favorite one without any hustle. A cigarette lover shares that he is missing those machines and the memories attached to them. Another user recalls that in her childhood, these machines were everywhere but now nowhere to be seen.

Ringtones Subscription

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Who remembers paying for the ringtones?

This ringtone fashion had a significant influence on Americans. People would buy the ringtone of their choice, which pops up on every call, making it an exciting moment. Moreover, a user still recalls ringtones like “In the Still of the Night” and “Ringtone Rap,” which were the hot favorites of that time.

Reader's Digest

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Who can forget the editorials?

Reader's digests are a thing of the past now, but Americans have a lot of memories with them. An exciting user shared that whenever he went to his grandparents' house, he always read the latest editorials from the digest. Another proud user recalls winning $300 for the story he published.

Food Automats

Woman Using Vending Machine
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Can you imagine a time when fast food was being served through vending machines? 

In America, restaurants have this automation service. A foodie misses this automation at the current time. Moreover, he thinks the decline of the coin system is probably the reason behind it. He hilariously relates it to the drop in the current currency.

Encyclopedia Salesman

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Do you have an Encyclopedia?

Having an Encyclopedia at home was the biggest flex for the kids. An intellectual user says that he remembers when a salesman came to sell Encylopedia, and buying one book was enough to be called rich. Otherwise, people had to go to the library for their research papers as they were the non-computer days.

American Chestnut

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The people who love gardening can relate to the fact that American chestnuts are deeply missed. Moreover, an exciting user shared that on Christmas decorations, these chestnuts would have added charm to the whole event. Another user is confused about their appearance, limited to the Christmas songs, only getting to know they are in extinction mode.

Jello Salad

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Have you ever enjoyed Jello Salad? 

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The most fancy item on the American dinner table was a Jello Salad. One foodie shared that having the salad on the table gave the elite feeling. Another user pointed out that because it showed that these people had a fridge in the house, that's why it was celebrated as an occasion.

Catalog Mail Orders

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Do you know mail catalog orders?

Instead of online orders, there was a time when mail orders were in demand. People had to fill out the form and paycheck and send it in the mail. People would receive the order through the mail, too. A kid remembers how, in childhood, there was getting toys from catalogs on Christmas.

Voicemail Machine Greetings

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People usually had this voicemail machine greetings. Whenever someone calls them, their customized greetings start to speak, which makes it hilarious and exciting. A college student says that he had a funny voicemail greeting, which he forgot to change after entering college life. He felt embarrassed because that greeting was his childhood choice.

Local Entertainers

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Are you missing the local artists of the TV industry? 

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In the media industry, local entertainers had prime time and fascinated their audience. Now, their downfall has come. An entertainment-friendly user points out that the local hosts and kids' shows are falling out. He further shares that Klumpsy the Clown is one of the latest shows for that culture.

Radio DJs

Man and woman podcasters interview each other for radio podcast
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Is the Radio still relevant?

Once, the radio shows were hosted by the local DJs, which added charm to the local values. Now, radio shows are occupied by the prime anchors or indigenous people. A radio lover shows concern about local DJs missing and remembers that they were considered minor celebrities of that time.

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