“Flights For $49” 10 Luxurious Things Europeans Freely Have That Only Rich Americans Have

In today's globalized world, people from different parts of the world have varying perspectives and experiences regarding basic necessities and luxuries. While certain things may be taken for granted in one country, they may be considered a luxury in another. Recently on an online platform, people shared some of the things that Europeans have that Americans see as a luxury.

1. Delightful Eats at European Bakeries

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Are you tired of relying on fast food chains or pricey restaurants for your meals? Locals in Europe can find delightful and affordable food items at charming bakeries along walking routes. These bakeries offer fresh bread, croissants, other pastries, sandwiches, and other savory options. Say goodbye to bland and overpriced meals and indulge in the delicious offerings of European bakeries.

2. Living It Up: Perks of Europe

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A discerning user highlights the lavish perks that Europeans relish, including six weeks of vacation time, extra pay for vacation days, and universal healthcare. This user praises their experience in Germany, where workers receive additional compensation when taking time off. Moreover, the healthcare system in Europe is publicly funded, enabling citizens to access medical care without the financial burden that is often present in the U.S.

3. Time: A Rare Luxury in Europe

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Based on personal experience, a seasoned traveler observes that Europeans have a rare luxury Americans don't typically enjoy, and that's the gift of time. While studying abroad in Italy, they noticed that life was more relaxed and people took their time. Even shopkeepers would close their shops for a few hours in the afternoon to enjoy their lunch, a stark contrast to the constantly rushing American lifestyle.

4. Budget Travel in Europe Made Easy

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Imagine traveling easily between countries without breaking the bank or spending days on the road. In Europe, this is made possible by the extensive network of trains and low-cost airlines, allowing people to explore various cultures and languages. Unfortunately, Americans often have to spend a significant amount of time and money on traveling even to another state.

5. Public Drinking: A European Culture

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Have you ever wished you could walk around with a beer in public without breaking the law? In many European countries, this is not only legal but a cultural norm. Imagine enjoying a drink while taking a stroll or relaxing in a park without fear of legal consequences. Public drinking is generally prohibited or strictly regulated in the U.S., with only a few cities allowing open container laws in designated areas.

6. Reliable Public Transportation in Europe

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A wise user points out that Europeans enjoy a convenient and reliable public transportation system, which Americans often view as a luxury. In Europe, public transportation is the preferred mode for locals and tourists alike, with an extensive and efficient network of trains, buses, trams, and metros. This is especially true in bustling cities such as London, Paris, and Berlin, where public transportation is faster and more practical than driving or taking a taxi. Conversely, public transportation is limited in many American cities, and owning a car is often deemed a necessity.

7. Privacy in European Bathroom Stalls

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Tired of awkward bathroom encounters? In Europe, bathroom stalls often have floor-to-ceiling partitions, providing more privacy than U.S. stalls. Say goodbye to the uncomfortable experience of seeing the shoes or feet of the person using the stall next to you.

8. Affordable Education in Europe?

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A commentator highlights Europeans' affordable universities, which Americans usually need access to. Their daughter is studying in Scotland, and their American friends were surprised to learn that going abroad for school is less expensive than going to a comparable U.S. college. The cost of education in Europe is roughly half that of the U.S., including travel expenses.

9. Work-Life Balance: Europe Does it Better

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Are you feeling burnt out and stressed from long work hours and limited vacation days? In many European countries, workers enjoy longer vacation times, paid parental leave, and shorter work weeks. This allows for more time for personal hobbies, travel, and family. Don't let work consume your life. Take advantage of the better work-life balance offered in Europe.

10. Cheap Eats at Southern European Cafes

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As per a knowledgeable observer, cafes in Southern Europe offer an economical experience where one can indulge in cheap wine, coffee, and pastries without breaking the bank. In contrast, cafes in the U.S. are often seen as high-end, and the cost of a pastry and coffee can be quite exorbitant. Nonetheless, savoring a coffee and croissant will only cost you a few euros in countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

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