10 Frugal Ways to Have Your Own Garden

Plants produce Oxygen (O2) & absorb Carbon dioxide (CO2) from the environment to sustain healthy living on Earth. In search of better opportunities, people move out to Urban areas & get used to its hectic life. They complain about the quality of air in urban areas & are unable to plant trees in their garden thinking it as a hard work demanding hobby. So, here are ten ways by which you can cultivate a thriving garden on a budget:

1. Seeds

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Most people buy young plants & sow them into the soil. Instead, you can spend on buying seeds that can produce much more plants than those young plants at almost the same price. This way, you can economically cultivate your plants.

2. Modern Water Saving Techniques

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Watering plants in a moderate quantity is required for their growth & nourishment. To save clean water, you can use Drip Irrigation, Rain Barrels & Hydroponics, etc. These technologies were invented to make gardening efficient on a low budget with minimal effort.

3. Homemade Compost

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Use kitchen compost as organic compost because it has all the necessary nutrients that your garden needs. You can add yard waste to it in exchange for artificially produced, expensive & harmful chemical-containing compost for the soil. Organic compost not only improves soil fertility but suppresses weed seeds from germinating, too.

4. Low Maintenance Plants

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Prior to planting trees in your lawn or garden, assess the purpose of planting it, whether you’ve planted it just for fresh air or to satisfy domestic vegetable needs. This can save you a lot of money because low-maintenance plants can be invested in for fresh air & beauty of your garden.

5. Propagation

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Propagation means to produce new plants from different sources without sowing seeds. It includes grafting, budding & layering, etc. For instance, In grafting, a branch of a tree is sliced & attached to a closely related plant rootstock. Over time, it grows and has a combination of different traits of both plants. These techniques are commonly used to promote desired traits in plants produced.

6. Leaves as Mulch

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Mulching is the covering of soil with a protective layer around it to save it from harsh weather conditions. You can use leaves as mulch to retain moisture, prevent soil erosion, and regulate temperature. When the leaves decompose into soil, the fertility of the soil is improved.

7. Organic Pesticides

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Pests can easily ruin your garden, which takes months or years to grow. These can be controlled by spraying pesticides but can get costly for a small garden owner. So, to make organic pesticides at home, take neem oil & garlic paste and mix them in a bottle. Now, spray it thoroughly over your plants to diminish the risk of pests destroying gardens.

8. Plants Swap

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Trading plants with friends and family members can help you save money by investing in new plants. This will make your garden look more appealing & enigmatic to birds & butterflies by combining different varieties of plant species. It can be done without incurring any cost. It promotes biodiversity & sustainability in the environment. 

9. Native Plants

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Native plants can be grown because they easily adapt to the changing climate conditions. They require less maintenance & also grow rapidly. Some factors should be considered before selecting native plants according to the nature of your garden soil, like Water needs, pest & disease resilience, sunlight requirements & maintenance.

10. Container Gardening

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Many people don’t have the luxury of land space to do gardening. They can adopt container gardening, which involves the use of wooden boxes, buckets, plastic bottles, etc. This is known as a conventional frugal gardening technique that helps gardeners save space. It also saves you the cost of buying pots time after time.

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