10 Freaky ‘Glitch in the Matrix’ Experiences People Have Had

Have you ever experienced a defied explanation that left you perplexed and wondering if there might be more to the world than what meets the eye? Recently on an online platform, people have shared mysterious stories, ranging from unexplained phone calls to prophetic dreams and everything in between.

1. Recurring Dreams of Aroura

Get ready to be spooked! One user confesses recurring dreams about a mysterious woman named Aroura with long black hair. Despite their efforts to shake the dreams, they eventually stopped, leading the user to dismiss them as a mere product of their “scumbag” brain. But was there more to this eerie experience than meets the eye?

2. Tad's Time Warp

Brace yourself for a spine-tingling tale! The first user recounts a chilling experience from their childhood when they saw their neighbor Tad walk by them twice in a row, with a 20-second gap between sightings. The bizarre occurrence left them confused and scared as if they were living in the Matrix.

3. Bizarre Dream Phone Call

Prepare to be shocked by this strange and inexplicable glitch! Someone shares a bizarre experience from their high school years when they were on the phone with a friend, describing a dream about an ice skating rink. Suddenly, their friend started describing the rest of the dream from the opposite point of view, leaving them feeling freaked out and bewildered.

4. Spaghetti-os on the Ceiling

You won't believe your eyes when you hear about this strange and unexplainable event! Another user in the thread spills a bowl of Spaghetti-Os on the counter, only to discover that one of them has managed to stick to the ceiling – nine feet up! The user didn't even drop the bowl, making this bizarre occurrence inexplicable.

5. Basement Phone Call

According to a savvy user, they used to work in a building with three levels of sub-basements, where they kept a piece of lab equipment that only they had access to. Even though the user wasn't there on a particular night, their girlfriend called them in hysterics, claiming to have received a call from the basement phone with someone who sounded like the user repeating her name. Even more unsettling is that the user's apartment was miles away from work.

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6. The “Phasing” Monkey Keychain

Have you ever lost an item, only to find it most bizarrely? That's what happened to an individual who lost their monkey key chain in high school. They found it on the ground with the first two links separated while the third link was still attached to their belt. The user believes the chain must have “phased” itself apart, leaving them scratching their head in disbelief.

7. A Camera From Beyond

Losing your loved one is the most difficult experience we can face in life. But what if that loved one came to you in a dream and left you with a gift? That happened to a person when their deceased father appeared and gave them a black camera, saying, “take this camera, as I won't be needing it anymore.” The next day, the user found the same camera in a sealed cardboard box their uncle had missed while moving out their father's belongings. It was a surreal experience that helped ease the pain of losing their father.

8. Dreams That Come True

Do you ever have dreams that come true? For one user, every so often, they have dreams that eventually play out exactly as they dreamt them, even years later. These dreams typically involve insignificant moments, but the user takes note of them and moves on. It's a strange phenomenon that leaves them wondering about the nature of reality.

9. Insignificant Dream Predictions

Dreams can be a powerful thing, and for someone, their dreams have a strange ability to come true years later. According to their comment, these dreams involve small, unimportant events, but the user still makes a mental note of them and moves on. It's a surreal experience that has left them questioning the nature of time.

10. The Mysterious Disappearing Pack

Have you ever experienced something so strange that it leaves you in disbelief? That happened to the final user in the thread when they had a bizarre experience involving cigarette packs. It all started when they found a pack of American Spirits on the ground in Portland, Oregon, missing only two cigarettes. A week later, while in San Francisco, the user purchased a new pack of American Spirits and put it in the inside pocket of their jacket. But when they went to retrieve the pack, it was mysteriously missing.

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