From Bad to Worse: 10 Tech Disasters You’ll Want to Avoid

In the ever-growing technological world, no one wishes to regret making an expensive purchase. Wouldn't you like to be a smart consumer? Let's learn from the people who have mentioned their tech disasters and learn from their mistakes. Reading these comments is almost equivalent to reading people's reviews before buying an item.

1. Binoculars With Camera

Pretty young woman with Binoculars
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When you think of this piece of technology, does it seem like an everyday essential? Certainly not. However, one user mentioned how his employer made him choose a gift from a catalog. After going through it, he chose a pair of binoculars as a reward for himself. He also mentioned his reason for this choice, mainly because these binoculars had an in-built camera. However, his experience was horrible since the quality and integration of everything was poor.

2. HP Printer

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Printers are something that may come in use on a daily basis. The use of a printer may vary from printing office work to school work, and if you have a family, you might want to buy it. However, multiple people mentioned their bad experiences with the HP Printer. “Just plain dystopian” is what one consumer says about it. Some others have talked about how errors show up that never get fixed. So, you might want to avoid buying a printer from HP.

3. A Toaster

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With the ever-growing technology, everything is advanced, yes, even a toaster. If you still have a traditional toaster at home, you might want to stick with it. Many individuals mention how it's pointless for a toaster to be built “smart.” Many people have elaborated on their experience with the newly upgraded toasters, and no one recommends it.

4. Furby

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Furby is an electronic toy that looks like an item any kid would want. One buyer mentions he had wanted Furby as a gift since he was a young boy. After he finally got this toy as a Christmas gift, he regretted having it. He explains how this gadget would talk to itself all night and make unnecessary noises. Another person mentions how his siblings had fun with Furby, but it caused too much disturbance in the house. Eventually, they had to remove its batteries and keep it away.

5. Amazon Fire Kids

Boy looking at table in car.
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Amazon Fire Kids refers to the kids' tablet by Amazon. People who purchased this device have posted their thoughts about it and do not suggest buying it. According to them, it's a useless form of technology with an extremely slow internet connection and too many games for no reason.

6. Ouya

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An Ouya is a device shaped like a cube to be used on TV with the help of an HDMI connection. Many individuals have talked about how they wasted their money on it, and now the device just sits on the top shelf of their TV with the batteries out.

7. HP Scanner

Woman asking what,shocked on seeing laptop.
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Another device by HP has made it to the list of tech disasters. Let's look at how this piece of hardware dissatisfied the customers. A consumer expands on how the light never turns off once connected to a USB device. And later on, when the company fixed it, the process was too complicated.

8. Blackberry Storm

BlackBerry keypad phone with oranges wallpaper
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The era of Blackberry was too long ago. Some users are still bitter about how bad the phone was. Since it was a newly launched smartphone, many people bought it, but it always muted a person randomly during a call, along with tons of other software issues. Barely anyone was happy with how the phone functioned. People of the iPhone era probably wouldn't understand the frustration.

9. Windows ME

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Although the Windows Millenium Edition doesn't count as a tech device, it is a tech disaster nonetheless. Various commenters have made fun of the abbreviation ME by labeling it “Malfunctioning Edition” and “Mistake Edition.” These comments make it evident how bad the edition was.

10. Volkswagen ID.4

Volkswagen ID.4 car
Photo Credit: Shutterstock.

Volkswagen ID.4 was launched as an electric car and labeled the most comfortable car ride, but it did not live up to its name. A buyer of this car talks about how it was a frustrating, time-consuming, and unreliable thing he had owned, and another current owner of a Volkswagen ID4 agrees with him.

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