10 Stories of Creative Ways People Have Made Money

People might do anything to earn money and fulfill their needs. Today’s world is filled with innovative young minds who prefer working smarter than harder. Their ideas about different ways of earning may differ from how people used to think in the past. Let’s look at some unbelievable stories narrating how different people came up with creative ideas to fund themselves.

1. Refilling Car Gas

high gas prices
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In most Western countries, people have to fill gas themselves, and one can opt for this work and earn through it. Taking up this job might be convenient for anyone who is on the lookout for part-time jobs. A user mentioned how he got this idea from someone in his college.

2. Summarize Newspapers to Executives

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Who might have thought of this? Such an easy and convenient job for anyone struggling to manage their expenses. An individual mentioned how his instructor at college used to give them ideas for small businesses, and this was one of the jobs he mentioned. Another user mentions his experience by elaborating on how he used to summarize newspapers to his boss. And he was hired exclusively for just reading.

3. Importer of Trampoline

Child on trampoline
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This story is from a user in Norway who narrates how a friend of his mother used to import trampolines. When he visited Texas, he noticed that every house had a trampoline, and he initially brought this idea to Norway by importing ten of them. Then, he expanded this small business and eventually started earning a lot. He became the trendsetter for having trampolines in every house in Norway.

4. Selling handmade items

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Importing is quite a niche career, and many people have adopted this way of making money. Let’s look at another fascinating story narrated by another user. The person mentions how he knew of a lady who visits Nepal every year to sell handmade items to people there. It is a trend now in Nepal, and her handmade items include scarves, shawls, hats, and other accessories.

5. Horse Sculptures

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This narrative could top the entire list of these unbelievable money-making stories. The story, as mentioned by the commenter, revolves around a sculptor. This guy used to attend and carefully watch all horse races and then offered to make a sculpture of the winning horse to their owner. These owners, filled with joy about winning the race, wanted to commemorate this memory; hence, they took up the offer every time. As a result, the sculptor earned tons of money using his skill.

6. Sleeping

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Everyone’s dream job, for sure. We often see memes where people offer to pay anyone to sleep for a certain number of hours. And you might be shocked to know people do this in real life. Some commenters have mentioned how some people make videos of themselves sleeping, broadcast it, and get paid for it.

7. Candy Business

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One sibling talks about how his sister, as a 10-year-old, was running a secret candy business. He noticed how his zip locks used to keep disappearing. Eventually, he discovered that his sister used to sell candies by mixing gummy bears with spices and some sauce in those ziplocks. She used to sell them for $5 each, and as a supportive brother, he helped grow her candy business.

8. Snack Bar in Airforce

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In the Air Force squadron, there is always a snack bar, which sells overpriced items but is always convenient for the people of the Air Force to go to. Rather than standing in long lines and waiting, they’d much rather buy a slightly inflated item. From this concept stems the story of a guy who used to run a small stall and earned a profit of $18000.

9. Giving Children Names

financial literacy for kids
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Every story gets better as we keep reading, don’t you think so? Each one is unbelievable in its own way. Reading the title of this story might have left you thinking, how is this possible? As one contributor mentioned, a lady helped wealthy Chinese families decide upon English names and made money out of it.

10. Selling Used Items

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Lastly, there has been mention of a woman who used to wait for people to throw out their over-used items or any sort of belongings they no longer wanted. It is always convenient for wealthy families to discard their used items every few months. So, every four months, she used to wait outside their house while they emptied their unwanted items and sold them on Craigslist.

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