10 Challenges Our Parents Faced but We Won’t

From dial-up internet to the digital age, generations have come a long way. It's different generations, yet the same love. However, we find shared humanity in each generation. From Baby boomers to Generation Z, every group is unique. They have distinctive worldviews, values, and sets of behaviors. Every generation has faced challenges with shifts in societal, economic, and technological conditions. Let's delve into the challenges that our parents faced, but this generation won't.

1. Scarce Information Sources

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Baby boomers have witnessed the evolution of information access. They lived in a time when “Googling it” was never an option. They have seen the world transform from print to digital. Now, Gen Z can access anything over their smartphones. A user added they were unable to look up any information on smartphones as there were no maps back then. Another said there used to be no internet and had to go to the library to look up something.

2. Environmental Shifts

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Back then, pollution wasn't a buzzword but a daily reality. The Baby Boomers can tell you stories about rivers being polluted, the '70s oil crises, and the renewable energy revolution. Now, there is eco-conscious living and a continuous fight against climate change. A response said back that there were internal combustion engines that polluted the environment. Another added car had no emission controls, and factories spewed chemicals into the air.

3. You Racist!

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Racism was a deeply pervasive issue during the Baby Boomer era, which had a lasting impact on racial relations in societies. From the civil rights movement to laws and school desegregation, these events shaped the era. However, now, there has been progress in addressing racial discrimination. This has led to more and improved opportunities for generations. A user exemplified back then, they used to worry about which race of people used which water fountain.

4. Healthcare Access

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We have seen substantial changes and improvements in healthcare access. However, our parents, belonging to the post-World War II era, have seen a dynamic landscape of healthcare. There used to be scarce treatment options with limited to no access to the latest technology. A respondent said there used to be terrible medical options with tons of issues due to older technology. This severely reduced the quality and life expectancy.

5. Limited High-Quality Learning Access

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Our parents had to work hard for their information. They waited for the evening news to catch up with world events. An individual said back then, they used to go to the public library to fetch answers to any question. Another said we had to gather the information. A third said there used to be no internet, just an encyclopedia, which was the only window in the world. Newer generations have more educational opportunities due to technological advancement and access to resources.

6. Economic Catastrophe

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The generation born between the '40s'40s and ”60s” experienced a severe economic crisis. Stagnant economic growth, high inflation, stock market crashes, pension/retirement challenges, our parents have seen it all. A commentator exemplified this by having starvation in 1979. Even having full-time office jobs, it only paid enough to put gas in the car and rent the room. There was never money left for food. Another said there were far fewer worker rights back then. Older generations had less job security and faced high inflation.

7. Technological Adoption

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The older generation did not grow up in the digital age. However, they adapted and embraced various technologies as they evolved. Back then, someone said there used to be a telephone directory, which is a book with contact numbers. However, now you can have all your contacts on your smartphones. A second user said you would open the directory to check parents' names, addresses, and phone numbers. A third said you could only take limited photos and couldn't see it until it got developed.

8. Societal and Cultural Acceptance

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From women's liberation to multiculturalism and diversity, baby boomers have been instrumental in shaping societal norms and cultural attitudes. A respondent said back then, they used corporal punishment. Another one said teachers used to belt with a leather strap for minor transgression. Now, there is greater tolerance for diversity, rights, and open discussions about mental health. A third user exclaimed there was a severe lack of mental health support back then.

9. Intensive Physical Labor

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Many baby boomers engaged in manual and physically demanding jobs. Since the World War II era saw industrial growth, people found more employment in factories. Now, automation and technological advancement have reduced the need for labor. Someone said we had to do our car repairs, and local Sears stores were open at specific times. Now, there are unlimited workshop options, both physical as well as online services.

10. Traditional Gender Roles

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In the mid-20th century, societies were deeply influenced by firm cultural norms. In the baby boomers boomers era, males were the breadwinners while females had limited career opportunities. There was strict parenting with a division of household chores. An individual said child abuse is the norm for raising kids. But now, kids are free and have more life choices. On the contrary, Gen Z has grown with significant progress in gender diversity, equality, and rapid social change.

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