10 Habits Men Wish Other Men Would Give Up

The men of Reddit compiled a list of things that men hate about other men.

1. Guys Who Drink and Fight Everybody

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“This happened during LAN party at my frats house. Dude got drunk wanted to fight. No one wanted to fight him so he went around and started un pluging everybody's stuff. So then they fought back. Funny/scary,” one guy said.  Another shared, “I've done this. Punching your best friend is the dumbest thing you could ever do. It's like beating a puppy. I regret it so much, but it can't be undone. I want to say I learned my lesson, but I don't know. I might just be the idiot OP speaks of.”

2. Guys Who Leave Creepy Messages on Girls' Social Media Posts

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“I've always wondered what they think is going to happen after they post comments like that. Is she gonna message them saying ‘no one's every told me i'm beautiful. Here's my number, please put a baby in me,'” one person said.

Another user added, “I have a friend who is on a small to mid-market tv news show, and part of her job is keeping a social media presence. I cannot believe the amount of men who find it appropriate to say stuff like this to her. One day she posted something along the lines of “Hope you'll be getting up nice and early with us this morning at [station]; it's going to be a beautiful day!” and some 50+ year old guy says “you make me rise every morning gorgeous.” She's only 23. These guys infuriate me. I know you put yourself out there when you have a publicly recognized position, but holy smokes people are creeps.”

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3. Men Who Bash Their Own Gender To Get Girls

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“Men who constantly bash their entire gender to try and impress women with how different they are. If you're trying to be “not like other men” to get lucky you are EXACTLY like other men. Not being a total loser isn't some kind of valiant rebellion against your darker nature and societies expectations, it's just being a decent person and most of us pull it off without constantly having to remind everyone how much worse we could act,” one user pointed out.

“I wish I could high five you. Don't ever just come out and say “yeah you should choose me because I'm not like/better than other guys,” to anyone you're interested in. If it really is that some guy is a special type of man who defies the previous experiences from men that whichever woman he's chatting upb has had, then it should be obvious to her just by his actions.

Do, not say. Show her that you're not like other guys by treating her with respect and as an equal. Be the person you think she wants to see, never say that phrase to set it up. If she's as invested in the potential relationship as you are, she'll see it just by interacting. Men that are different act different. And if she doesn't, then either she isn't paying attention and isn't worth you continuing to court her, or far more likely you might not be all that different from what she is used to,” another user suggested.

4. ‘Ugly' Men Judging Women Based on Looks

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One user shared, “I was in the back of a drunkbus one time at college getting a ride to my dorm. This guy gets on with his friend and his friend, who is the spitting image of early Jonah Hill, neckbeard and all, is saying “…yeah all those girls in that club were too fat and desperate, I mean sheesh I don't want them touching me!”

Another chimed in, “That reminds me of a time I was walking into a bar and a table of people outside were I guess judging all the girls and one of the guys said I was too skinny. He wasn't even good looking on any level. I wish I could go back in time and say something back but I guess I was too shocked at the time.”

5. Men Who Think Everyone Wants Their Girl

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One user suggested, “This could mean 3 things. 1, the guy is cheating and being overly paranoid because he assumes everyone does. 2. She's cheated on him already and he's too stupid to drop her. 3. Some past girl cheated on him, making him assume all girls want to sleep with every guy he knows.”

Another user added, “I've actually legit had some guy swoop in and take my girlfriend. My ex had been hanging out with this guy a lot, and she talked about him constantly. Every time he was around, he would try really hard to show off and impress her. I became progressively more concerned until I finally broke down and confronted her. She told me I was just jealous and got all mad, so I decided yeah, maybe I was being jealous. About a month later she dumps me and they start dating.”

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6. Men Who Openly Hate Their Wives

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“Guys who hate their wives. They act like it's normal to hate being married or something, but it sounds miserable. My wife is my best friend. I can't imagine it any other way,” one guy shared.

Another added, “Yeah, if your relationship isn't working out, why are you advertising? Fix it, grow up, or move on.

The whole ‘my wife won't let me do x' or ‘I won't let my wife do x' back and forth where it's a dominance thing doesn't make sense to me. We're equals. I don't tell her what to do and she doesn't tell me what to do. We respect each other and enjoy each other's company. We work out our problems like adults. And we're happy together. Why else get married, duh?”

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7. Men Who Can't Do Basic Domestic Duties

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“Dudes who can't fend for themselves when it comes to domestic duties. Learn how to cook a couple meals, clean a toilet, turn on a vacuum, and develop some other simple homemaking tendencies,” one guy suggested.

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“Cooking is not hard to get into and it isn't going to suddenly make you less of a man if you know how to do it. You get to play with knives and fire. If you are in the middle of no where you might be able to actually not starve to death. Also people generally like it when you cook for them,” another person added.

8. Men Who Catcall Women

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“This. I hate it when I have friends who won't stop embarrassing me by cat calling ladies while I'm with them. I have never, ever seen this work, and it also makes me look bad if I'm associating with you. I have actually gotten into the habit of yelling ‘sorry, he's a jerk!' whenever this happens. If you're going to make me look bad when I'm just trying to have a good time, I'm going to make you look worse,” one guy shared.

9. Men Who Think the Only Reason To Go to Bars Is To Pick up Women

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“To add to the alpha male thing, I hate the bar-creeper-gotta-bring-a-girl-home-every-night mentality that some guys have.

I was at a bar about an hour before closing time talking to my really good friend and his girlfriend about random stuff. Then one of his friends comes at me like someone from Jersey Shore and starts asking me “dude, why aren't you talking to any chicks?” I replied that I didn't know and I'm just here to get drunk and have fun like a normal person. He comes back with “you're supposed to get with chicks at bars! Didn't you know!? You see that girl over there? Go talk to her!” This guy was seriously bent out of shape because I wasn't at a bar to talk to girls,” one guy shared.

10. Men Who Don't Support Other Men

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One guy explained the importance of giving young men proper role models, and that men are not stepping up as they should be.

“I hate that we aren't as up in arms about the difficulties facing boys and young men as women are about the difficulties facing girls and young women. I'm consistently impressed by all the women-driven efforts to extend opportunities and support to girls. I'd like to see men tend to their young ranks with equal zeal.

I'll concede the challenges are much different, and that on balance it is harder to be a female in this world. However, it is getting better for women all the time. I honestly don't think the world is getting better for young men. It is more confusing. It is less understanding of traditional forms of masculine projection. Traditional male roles are being torn down, probably for the better, but that doesn't leave young men with much in the way of role models.

Nobody is going to stick up for boys if not grown men. Boys need support. They need guidance. They need to be challenged. Or else they grow up into selfish, lazy pigs. So, grown men, let's step up our game. Let's get more involved. You don't need to have a son to help raise a man.”

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