10 Products People Won’t Buy Because of How They’re Made

Consumption has run rampant over the past 50 years, resulting in a culture favoring inexpensive, convenient, and disposable goods. There is also a cost to the environment since rising consumption results in pollution, the depletion of resources, and a rise in waste production. People on an online platform have expressed their views that if they have to stop these convenient habits, they may lower their consumption and waste.

1. Ivory Products

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Elephant tusks are made of a type of dentin called ivory, which is known for its beauty, toughness, and sculpting capability. Tragically, elephant numbers have been drastically reduced due to the rising demand for ivory as a status and wealth symbol. Increased poaching will result in the eventual extinction of elephants. People have boycotted ivory to prevent animal cruelty.

2. Cleaning Products

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Hazardous chemicals like triclosan and phthalates are used as primary ingredients in the production of conventional cleaning solutions. These can irritate the eyes, skin, or respiratory system, among other things. Additionally, some commercial cleaning chemicals' concentrated forms are labeled as hazardous, which could pose handling, storage, and disposal problems for users. Altogether, A big NO due to its ingredients.

3. Batteries

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The substances that are used in the making of alkaline batteries are potentially hazardous. The electrolyte potassium hydroxide is a corrosive chemical, and manganese is a neurotoxin. Individuals have begun changing to more eco-friendly choices, like rechargeable batteries, to reduce their impression and limit dangerous waste worldwide.

4. Conventionally Farmed Chicken

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The chickens are raised in overcrowded environments, giving them unhealthy feeds and overdoses of pesticides and antibiotics to increase the yield. The food made from these chickens badly affects the hormonal balance in the human body. People are now more conscious about their health and use alternative gourmet food choices not associated with force-feeding.

5. Cigarettes

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Smoking causes cancer and increases the risk of lung diseases, as tobacco is highly cancerous. Also, non-biodegradable filters manufacture cigarettes, which are highly toxic to the environment. Due to this, many have shifted towards smokeless alternatives or quit smoking altogether. 

6. Mass-Produced Meat

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The conventional methods of mass-producing violate animal welfare rights and fall into the domain of animal cruelty. It is also mainly associated with deforestation. To be more ethically conscious, people have changed their diets and now opt for plant-based alternatives to reduce their environmental carbon footprint.

7. Styrofoam

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Polystyrene is used in the making of Styrofoam. It takes centuries to dissolve and break down into smaller units, harming the environment. Often the products are packed in this material. Instead of using Styrofoam packaging, people use paper cuttings as a more ecologically sustainable option.

8. Teak Furniture

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Teak, which can reach a height of 50 meters and has a lifespan of 100 years, is prized for its lovely color and grain, longevity, strength, and resistance to splitting, cracking, termites, fungus, and weathering. With restrictions on teak forests and the scarcity of wood on the market, people illegally cut teak trees to make more money, resulting in deforestation and loss of teak tree ecosystems and animal habitats.

9. Non-Fair Trade Chocolate

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Non-fair trade chocolate comes from farmers who do not receive a fair price for their harvest, determined by the market. As a result, farmers can't escape poverty and provide a better life for their families. To prevent this, people prefer chocolates made by socially ethical companies, ensuring better wages and good working labor conditions.

10. Conventional Contraception

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Conventional contraception is made with hormones that have drawbacks, including side effects like headaches, nausea, painful breasts, and vaginal yeast infections. Additionally, the hormones may result in mood swings, spotting in between periods, and a decrease in a woman's desire for sex. The chance of blood clots forming is also slight. Many are now turning to non-hormonal, non-disposable forms of contraception to avoid these negative effects.

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