He Deleted His Cousin’s Wedding Photos After She Ghosted Him

A Reddit user shared his story of deleting his cousin's “precious” wedding photos after she refused to pay the full amount and ghosted him.

A Family Favor

The original poster (OP) explained that he agreed to take photos for his cousin's wedding. She asked him to take pictures of her getting ready, her grandma putting a family heirloom necklace on her, her first look, the wedding, and the reception. There was another photographer who was in charge of the groom.

OP said that since he isn't a professional photographer, he would only charge her $50 for his service. OP said that she was a bridezilla most of the time and that it was a long day. After the wedding, OP edited the photos and copied them onto separate USB drives in case the bride wanted to give them to other people.

He texted her a couple of days later and told her that the photos were ready and that he would be happy to meet up and exchange the images for the payment. OP said she never responded. OP added that he called, texted, and even got in touch with her mother for the next three weeks to attempt to get the photos to her. She seemingly evaded every attempt.

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A Ridiculous Request

OP said he was at the movies with his other cousin and a couple of their friends around six months later. His cousin told him, “By the way, [cousin's name] was wondering when you were going to give her the photos. She said she would pay you the $10 if that's the only reason you're talking so long.”

OP said he was livid. Not only was she offering much lower than their agreed-upon amount, but he had spent weeks trying to get ahold of her to give her the photos. He told his cousin to tell her that if she wanted them, she needed to contact OP within two days so they could meet and that she needed to have the full amount, or he would delete the photos.

OP said that she never contacted him. After the two days had passed, he deleted the photos and erased the USB drives. Less than a week later, his aunt called him, throwing a fit because he “threatened” his cousin into paying when she “didn't have the money.” OP calmly told his aunt that she had six months to come up with $50 and that she had refused any contact he attempted to make in that time frame. He added that it was too late because the photos were gone.

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His aunt, uncle, and some of their other relatives refused to talk to OP and his parents because he deleted “precious photos that can never be retaken, all because of greed.” OP's mom thinks he should apologize and that he's being stubborn. His older brother thinks he held onto the photos longer than he should have and that he should have deleted them after the first week of trying to contact her and being ghosted in return.

Was OP justified in deleting the photos? Should he have given his cousin more time to come up with the money? How would you have reacted in this situation?

Read the original post here.

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