10 Weirdest Food Delivery Situations Told By The Drivers

Food delivery workers often find themselves in unique and sometimes bizarre situations during their daily rounds. Recently on an online platform, food delivery workers have experienced some of the weirdest scenarios they have experienced.

1. Unexpected Encounter: Parking Lot Delivery Surprise

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The first user recounts a strange incident during their food delivery stint. As they arrived at the designated address, the customer surprisingly met them in the restaurant's parking lot. The situation arose during the early stages of the Covid pandemic when indoor dining was prohibited. Despite the inconvenience of the long queue, the user found solace in earning $13 for the effortless delivery, dismissing any grievances.

2. Bizarre Requests: Tip Condition and Loose Change Surprise

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A customer sent an unusual request to this delivery boy. Their colleague had a delivery where the customer demanded they knock on the door and utter the phrase, “Food's here,” as a condition for receiving a tip. The user often faced a customer who paid for their order in loose change. However, what made it odd was that the coins were not contained in a bag or envelope but rather nestled within a vinyl glove. Adding to the anomaly, a silver dollar was also included.

3. Chaos Delivery: Cash, Pizzas, and Escaping Anger

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Someone vividly describes an intense argument unfolding at a couple's residence while they went for food delivery. The house environment was charged with anger, and objects were hurled around. The delivery person maintained a safe distance. As the situation unfolded, the male customer swiftly handed over the pizzas, accompanying the delivery with a substantial amount of cash. However, before they could retreat, a plate crashed against the door while the woman unleashed a piercing scream. Fearing a further escalation, the boy hastily made their escape, clutching the cash and pizza bag in hand.

4. Whimsical Deliveries: Addressing “Snow White” for Tips

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Another delivery driver humorously narrates facing a customer who insisted on being addressed as “Snow White.” Despite the unusual request, the driver complied and referred to the customer by the whimsical moniker, adding a touch of amusement to their interactions while collecting the generous tip.

5. Stormy Delivery: Slippery Driveways and Customer's Rescue

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Drawing from their experience as a pizza delivery boy, one user reminisces about a memorable delivery made during a freezing rainstorm. Arriving at a house with a steep and slippery driveway, the user found it impossible to drive up. Undeterred, they attempted various approaches, including walking on the grass, but progress was limited. Sensing their struggle, the customer ingeniously came to the rescue, providing a rope. The user securely fastened the pizza bag to the rope, allowing the customer to pull it up the driveway. In return, the customer kindly handed over payment and a generous tip, making the delivery a memorable experience.

6. Pizza Place Collision: Two Drivers, One Address

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Another commenter wrote that during their time as a pizza delivery driver, they arrived at a customer's house simultaneously with a driver from a different pizza place. Perplexed by the unexpected meeting, they delivered their respective orders. The reason behind this unusual situation soon became apparent: the customer had guests who strongly preferred pizzas from different brands. To accommodate everyone's preferences, separate orders were placed, leading to a comical collision of pizza delivery drivers at the same address.

7. Delivery Nightmares: Drunk, Naked, and Distressing Incident

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Reflecting on their experiences as food delivery drivers, someone admits they usually meet highly drunk or naked individuals when delivering orders. However, they shared an incident of a fellow driver delivering food to a private gated home. The delivery person completed the drop-off after the customer manually opened the gate. However, an unsettling twist occurred when the customer refused to let them leave, leading to a distressing situation. The matter involved the police and an ensuing report to secure the driver's release, exposing a pattern of such incidents involving the same customer. Surprisingly, the delivery platform failed to ban the customer multiple times.

8. Mysterious Chips Order: Cryptic Messages From Freshii

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Sharing a puzzling experience, an individual, who primarily delivers for Uber Eats, shares a strange order they received from a customer. The request came from a renowned healthy food and vegan establishment, Freshii, yet all that was ordered were eight small bags of chips. Puzzled by the unusual order, they embarked on the delivery. Along the way, they received two messages from the customer within the app. The first message read “Please,” while the second cautioned them to “Be Careful.” The driver remains perplexed to this day, unable to decode the reason behind the curious order and the cryptic messages.

9. Grocery Delivery Mysteries: Excessive Oranges, Vanilla Frosting Obsession

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A grocery delivery driver highlighted they received two strange orders. The first involved a customer requesting a staggering 33 oranges, a seemingly excessive quantity. Another incident involved a customer ordering 24 jars of vanilla frosting. To their surprise, the grocery store did not have sufficient stock to fulfill the order. Curiously, the same customer placed yet another order a week later, this time for an additional 20 jars of vanilla frosting. The recurring obsession with vanilla frosting remains a bewildering and amusing mystery.

10. Delivery Drama: Uninformed Customer and Restaurant Ordeal

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The final user remembers a confusing interaction with a client who seemed utterly uninformed of the existence of Grubhub while working as a delivery driver for a popular restaurant. After picking up the order, the user arrived at the customer's address, only to face disbelief from the restaurant staff when mentioning the delivery platform. This led to an hour-long ordeal involving frustrating calls the disorganized and unprofessional customer service. Eventually, the restaurant acknowledged the order's legitimacy, albeit providing the wrong food.

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