10 Insider Secrets From Former Employees

Are you curious about what former employees can reveal about their past workplaces now that they no longer work there? Recently on an online platform, former employees have been exposed about their former companies. Let's get ready to discover some shocking revelations.

1. The Health Insurance Nightmare: How to Fight for Your Coverage

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Do you dread dealing with health insurance? According to a former staff member, the process can be a nightmare. Insiders reveal that insurance companies often reject claims, assuming patients won't put up a fight. But keep hope! The informant suggests you persevere and involve your doctor in the fight for the coverage you've paid for. However, brace yourself for the notorious “we don't wanna pay” group, aka the medical management group.

2. Insider Secrets: The Caution Behind Customer Inquiries

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A veteran insider spills the beans, revealing employees are trained to exercise caution when answering customer inquiries. They're instructed to stick to the script and avoid sharing extraneous information that could potentially harm the customer's position. The reason behind this caution? Any additional details could result in negative consequences, leaving the employee responsible for any financial loss the customer might suffer.

3. Save Money on Makeup: A Former L'Oreal Employee's Tip

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If you are a makeup lover looking to save a few bucks, this secret is for you! A former L'Oréal employee suggests that you look at Lancôme products closely. Although the two brands' makeup similarities are striking, Lancôme products cost approximately $20 more than their L'Oréal counterparts. Consider this insider tip a chance to save some cash without sacrificing quality.

4. Joe Mugg's Frozen Cappuccino Recipe Revealed by Former Worker

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As disclosed by a former worker, to make Joe Mugg's frozen cappuccino, one needs a gallon of milk, a whole bottle of Monin vanilla syrup, and 0.6 pounds of brewed espresso, which should be frozen. This could be a recipe the coffee chain wants to keep under wraps, but now it's out in the open.

5. T-Mobile Coverage: The Bed of Lies

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Are you a T-Mobile customer curious about their coverage? A former employee claims the company needs to be more truthful about its coverage map. In fact, T-Mobile employs two different coverage maps. While the one shown to customers indicates better coverage, the actual coverage map available to internal employees indicates a 50% reduction. If you're feeling betrayed, you're not alone; the former employee describes T-Mobile's coverage as a “bed of lies.”

6. Deli's Famous Mac and Cheese: A Surprising Secret Ingredient

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According to a previous employee of a local deli/grocery store, the store's famed mac and cheese could be more homemade, as many customers may believe. Instead, the deli uses Stouffer's mac and cheese, which is then rebranded and sold as the store's specialty. Despite this, the dish remains popular on the menu and is often sold out quickly.

7. University Admissions: Bias and Preferential Treatment Exposed

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Do you suspect that universities give preferential treatment to certain applicants? A former university admission office staff member confirms that bias exists in the admissions process. The admission criteria may be the same for everyone, but wealthy donors, athletes, VIPs, and even the offspring of General Church Authorities have significantly lower standards to meet than regular applicants. For example, at Brigham Young University, the children of General Church Authorities are given preferential treatment.

8. Diet Sprite vs. Sprite Zero: The Same Drink in Different Packaging?

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As per a previous staff member, Diet Sprite and Sprite Zero are essentially the same drink, with only the labeling and packaging differing. So, if customers want to save some cash, they can go for Sprite Zero instead of paying a higher price for Diet Sprite.

9. Comic Book Grading Scandal: Store Owner's Deceitful Practice

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Based on the experience of a former worker at a comic book shop, the store offered a service where customers could pay to have their rare comics sent to CGC for grading. However, after some time, the employees discovered that the store owner was taking the graded copies and selling them online, replacing them with back-issue versions of the same comics. The deceitful practice was eventually uncovered, and the customers affected were rightfully compensated.

10. Hotel Room Secrets: Suicides and Natural Deaths

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A former housekeeping employee at a major hotel chain revealed that hotel rooms are often the site of suicides and natural deaths, more frequently than people may realize. Working for over a decade in a large convention hotel with more than 1000 rooms, this staff member claimed such incidents were quite common. Unless the situation was particularly gory, the room was typically cleaned and prepared for the next guest without any notification or warning.

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